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Types of pain

I really struggle knowing whether I am having a "Fibro pain" ie it hurts but there is no actual damage done or a "Damage pain".

There is such a pain in my foot/ankle/leg today - feels like torn ligaments BUT I can't recall doing anything to set it off!?!?!?! Perhaps it will all be gone tomorrow, although it was a bit better when I wore tubbigrip.

I'm getting a lot of kidney pain too and I can't tell if it is Fibro or another stone; good heavens but this is confusing!

Julie x

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Hello Julie, sorry to hear about your pain. Yes it can get very confusing with so many parts of our bodies hurting. If we develop another pain, it tends to be masked by our normal Fibro pain.

As you have already had a kidney stone and you are experiencing pain in that area, it is strongly advisable that you visit your Doctor to explain your symptoms as I would imagine you need these symptoms checking out and possible treatment.

Regarding your other pains in your foot, ankle and leg - this may well be Fibro pain. The pain with Fibro can be really intense, shooting, burning pains amongst others. I presume you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia?! If you haven't sufficient pain relief medication, you could mention this also to your Doctor when you visit to talk about your kidney pains.

I hope you manage to get some comfort and reassurance very soon, take care. :)



I am waiting to hear from a specialist after having a CAT scan as to whether I have still got a stone snagged in my kidney - or the pain could be scar tissue or else Fibro pain. Got some good strong painkillers for the kidney stones so they help thanks.

Rheumy thinks I have Fibro, I had 10 different blood tests to rule out other conditions last Monday - so have to phone tomorrow for results. I have had CFS for 4.5 years and I'm pretty certain the Fibro diagnosis will be confirmed as the more I read about Fibro the more it fits me and how my CFS has developed into something where pain is as big a feature as fatigue - plus I have the trigger points :-(

I am going to ask the Rheumy to recommend to my GP that I have more powerful pain killers available for when I need them.

Julie x


That sounds like a good idea Julie regarding asking for more powerful pain killers. I sympathise with you as I have CFS/ME as well as Fibro and to be honest with you I don't know what's worse sometimes the pain or the extreme persistent exhaustion! It's a toss up between the two some days. I have to pace myself with my CFS/ME and I can't move because of the pain sometimes, very difficult!

If you have the tender points, it would seem you do have Fibro, but obviously that would have to be confirmed by your Rheumatologist.

It is possible to have a good life with both/all conditions, you just have to discipline yourself and don't overdo it, not too much time in bed, try to manage your pain as best you can with correct pain relief, and accept that there will be up and down times.

I hope it all goes well for you, please let us know how you get on, wishing you the best of luck :) :) Take care! :)


Of course we could still hurt ourselves and suffer from "damage" pains too. That is why if we notice anything different in terms of pain, it's always best to keep a check on it and if we have any concerns get it checked out with our Doctors. :) :)


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