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Mr Muggle

Have I introduced you to Mr Muggle yet. He is a gentleman of some age, he suffers from a form of dementia. This is worse at night when he actually gets lost and then he howls horribly untill he has found me. As with quite a few of the elderly he has water works problems this manifests itself in him peeing where ever he chooses unless I can catch him at it. So the good side is his admirable displays of affection, he charmingly rubs himself against me - yes this is my cat (what were you thinking) he came from Northampton can purr for England and apart from his new habit of biting my fingers is totally gorgeous black and white probably of obscure back ground. He has just been walking all over the computer and now has pottered of up the garden -fingers crossed. x gins

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oh wow ... its a great story

sort of like my cat Stupid .. he was called 7 but right from birth we got a bit fed up with saying you stupid cat so the name stuck ... before you think our family is mean let me explain

He ate hi breakfast on the kichen work top but he would walk thew the kids cerial bowls regardless so they became great at helping him avoid them .. he found his food bowl but he was good at forgetting he was eating so you would push his head back down ..

he was the best at catching leaves and yowling about it and hearing the bedroom door open but he could walk into walls .. took him to the vet and they did tests ... and after £30 they said well he is um um chalanged but not in pain .. so we loved him ..

saddly he had to be put to sleep but he is in my heart so today by talking about your mr Mudggle you made me smile thank you

gentle dyslixic hugs


cheers lexie glad you liked it x gins


Gins what a wonderful story about Mr Muggle and a pleasure to read! He sounds gorgeous! Thank you for your lovely message - couldn't help smiling reading about him! :) :D


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