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Hi All

well its horrible outside today raining and just miserable. I also feel miserable today too.... I am really sore, burning, head ache (AGAIN), hips feel as if they are in a vice today, legs are just full of lead or they feel like it anyway...

Ive got the docs on thursday and if i say about my headaches i will prob be told that its because of meds!!!

I am just having a bad day today sorry guys but i just needed a good moan and if i cant do it on here were else can i!!!!! Just so fed up of this fibro one day we feel ok and the next we are not. Back to work at end ofthe month too whether im ready or not!!!!! Got the work doc next week too....

Take Care

Jo xx

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XGood luck for can you work if not well.what will y0ur own doctor say.?

You really arent well rant all you want.ive been grizly today,and very ratty and tired.....

My fellas keeping out of my way.


hi sammy, my own doctor told me i was ready to go back to work at the start of this month and i told him i wasnt n he signed me off until the end of the month but i need to "focus" on getting back to work as ive been off for a long time now and im only 32 and people do work with fibro!!!!!

I dont mind going to the work doc as it will hopefully help me for when i do back to work and work wants to know what else they can do to help as they want me back too!! which is nice to know!!!!!

Im just really fed up today. My fella does that too!!!!



Yeah i no they do.i worked with m.e and fybro untill my fits got worse.x


Oh Sammy treat yourself to something naughty, its horrrid when the pain affects your mental state, really big hugs pull the curtains and pretend its the middle of winter and tuck yourself in.

Tomorrow will be better ...

Soft hugs xxx



Hi JO so sorry your having such a bad day. Do hope Dr can help on Thursday, thats the trouble with this fibro it seam to through all sorts of things at us. Thats the good thing about this site you can have a good moan as we all know how crap this fibro is. Get your fella to bring big cream cake or bar of choc. This weather is miserable forgoten what the sun looks like. soft soft hugs Marg xx


The weather is miserable, cold, damp, muggy. We all have seriously been lacking the goodness of the sun.

That makes the pain and the thoughts worse.

I was diagnosed when i was 43 but have been suffering at work for many months before. although I had the symptoms for years the last couple years have gotten 100% worse. My bosses were sympathetic and I would love to have stayed on. But they couldnt accommodate me on the hours.

Eventually the fatigue got too much and i had to leave. I still feel at my age i am too young not to work but I know I would never be able to cope in that situation again.

sometimes you have to take stock and think in the long term what is going to be right for you.

I;m always ranting or moaning on here so you go ahead. Hope you feel more positive soon. xx


Hi Jo, you are allowed to be miserable, we all get these down times especially when the weather is so bad. I also think all this damp and cold weather affects the way we react to fibro, I know I am worse when it is like this. Hope it goes well with your GP on Thursday. As far as work is concerned, if you are able to work and also feel well enough to have some kind of life too that is great, its when you struggle to work and have nothing left over for anything else the rot really sets in. I struggled to work full time for a few years before I was finished on the grounds of ill health, in the end it came down to work/life balance and how it all impacted on my health. Hopefully you will find a GP who is sympathetic to your needs as far as being able to work is concerned and will work with you to find the right solution for you.

Take care and take it easy, love Angela xx


Hi All, Thank you for all your lovely replies. I do think that the weather at times makes our fibro worse my dad has thought for years ive had that SAD. I used to work full time until about 3 years ago and then went part time cause of the fibro as i couldnt manage working 5 days a week. i now work 4 days and had a lovely shift pattern but then it all changed and i guess that my body just couldnt cope with it any more and gave up in march and havent been at work since. I really do want to go back and when i do they are phasing me in for a month.

Today seems to be a better day mood wise but not for pain!!!!!

Take Care

Jo xx


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