to the brave

to the brave

Call of duty

My mummy was so sad today.

She put her arms around my dad,

Softly in his ear, I heard her say,

When you leave, I feel so bad,

Tho, it is with a sense of pride,

That I bid farewell to my man,

I miss you here at my side,

While you’re are fighting in Iraq

I see the tracks of mother’s tears,

Praying he will come back,

His death one of our worst fears,

Fighting terrorism at its core,

Be brave I tell my heart,

Smiling trying not to cry,

Care for mum while we are apart,

He asks as he says good-bye.

3 Replies

  • So sad,.we have a good good mate serving in afghanistan at moment and i pray every day for him and rest of guys.x

  • never thought id shed a tear this early on a sunday morning!

    Thinking about our loved ones over there and realise - our lot in life is actually pretty good. yes we have pain but this is nothing compared to living with a gun in your hand, not knowign when the next attack may come.


  • Some times we have stop the laughter and conside why we still can laugh. I Lived thru one terror war in Africa and know grantic it can feel to wives and family. Petal

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