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MY DAYS ARE SO LONG !!!!!!!!!!!

Because i get up at stupid o clock between 3 am and 4 am it varies daily lol and i go up to bed at 11 pm but am still awake at 1 am normally as you can see my day is so long ................................................................ lol i am surprised my body lets me do what it does i do push myself but i qm heading for a car crash or a body melt down as it cant keep this up all the time !!!!!????

oh well i hope you all got a good nights sleep i am off now so will be back on here later love to youall diddle x

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please stop pushing you so hard its a sign that you are refusingt o accept your illness fully i did it for a long while and now i cant walk atall stop it pace yourself petal


hi do you know what i will be honest when i first read yoour comment i was annoyed when you said stop pushing yourself too hard .BUT do you know what when i thought about what you said you are probably so right in what you say you really are i havent thought of it like that before . i do sort of accept that i have fibro but on thee other hand i do try to do what i used to and yes at the end of the task i am worn out or more honestly half way throgh

so i apologise for my first thought that i had not that you would have known if i had not told you but i am an honest person and like to say it how it is

it is so true what you have said so thankyou for that lots of love diddle xxx


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