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moonlight escapades

moonlight escapades

as you all may realise i am pretty bed bound or wheelchair locked because of arth fibro heart failure etc etc etc....

well today i received a white envelope.please brware of white official envelopes they can be toxic wear gloves and open when sitting down ...

i digress

i received this white envelope from the council and it informed me that i am being reassessed first week in august to see if i really need my carers.

silly silly people of course i do

but then again perhaps that neighbour upstairs was watching me dance naked under the moon at midnight.and took exception to fat rolls.

or he watched me and my cat climb on my broom to try it out before halloween.

will have to watch my tongue when they come it can get toxic

win some lose some will just have toc huggies that fir every situation


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Your posts are soo funny.xhope your doing much better.


lol you always cheer me up xx


hey the devil looks after his own.....hope you are feeling okay but not on top of the world you may fall off during fibro fog huggies petal

ps am slightly concerned re assessmentthey do have some orons at council


You are such a tonic, bless you and thats without the gin!!!!

Hugs x x x


you brighten my day petal on here and on facebook gentle hugs xxpaula x


like the sound of some of those moonlight adventures as Gerisly would say they are plant pots ...

going to try to sleep now ...

soft hugs xxx



the devil looks after his own.....o blossom you make me laugh and penny i would say that lol xxxxxx


oh dear lol how funny are you but the situation not funny bless ya as if ??? do you need careers ??? mm i think i would say that is a def yes in the tick box lol

loving the pic too loe dioddle x


Petal never lose your sense of humour but please make sure someone who knows you well is there with you at the assessment.

Hope you be yourself soon. Thinking of ya. xx


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