Getting proactive, volunteering - please like me!

I have been living with CFS for 20 years and more recently (about 6 years) FMS and in that time have gained a great deal of experience in managing life with a chronic illness. For me, this very much involves being honest about my feelings on any given day provided I am not hurting anybody else. I realise volunteers have a responsibility to be positive towards members, but I don't think this has to mean that we can't continue to use the site for support ourselves when required. Having been a peer counsellor in another self-help group for over ten years, I can sympathise, empathise and make practical suggestions to members where appropriate. I've worked most recently in Public Health where part of my job was to peer review research i.e. read it thoroughly, look for inconsistencies and/or look for other factors that might have influenced the results and provide an overall review of the reliability of the evidence presented. I really enjoy this type of critical analysis. I feel this experience and my natural curiosity would translate well into helping Fibroaction and individual members separate fact from fiction in what is written about FMS. In both professional and volunteer rolls, I am used to working within guidelines such as NICE guidance and voluntary sector 'Mission Statement, Aims and Objectives. I also have experience of representing my organisation with press, and media such as radio and websites. I was Tobacco Control Officer for a large PCT when England became Smoke Free and was responsible for press releases, radio show question and answer sessions and setting up and chairing press conferences.

I would love the opportunity to use this experience for the benefit of Fibroaction and forum members.

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  • Please be a volunteer.please.your more than worthy for thw cause.and kind caring.

    Been good to do it xx

  • Please be a volunteer.please.your more than worthy for thw cause.and kind caring.

    Been good to do it xx

  • Thanks Sammy x

  • youd be brilliant volunteer xxxx

  • Aw thanks Nadine, I just hop I get the chance xxx

  • Yes we would like you todo it to

  • Thanks get active!

  • I was asked to volenteer, but to be honest Im overloaed to the moment , good luckxxxx

  • That's a shame lally as you'd have made a great volunteer with your experience but I know what a busy life you have. Somebody - can't remember who posted to ask if anybody had heard from you as they were a bit worried. I was going to send you a fb message but got caught up in workmen coming - at last x

  • Im sort of ok, but for this headache, Ill speak on fb

  • Will have a look again to see who was asking and let them know if you haven't already - provided that's OK with you that is. I'll be on fb this evening - well on and off as I really have to finish mly laundry and get it put away.

  • Lyndsey has asked me twice, I let her yesterday the answer would have to be no, sorry gang, but Im always around to help you all xxxxxx

  • No Lally, I didn't mean the volunteering, I meant you being OK(ish). It was helenUK that put up the blog so I just said you'd been on the site, nothing else. Would never pressurise anybody to do something if they had said no. Speak later xxx

  • It was me Whippet , but I've chatted to lally on fb now so all is well :) . I was bit worried because she hadn't seen her around for a while.



  • fibro fog and this headache again, just not with it, ealy night and cuppa, might watch bbxxx speak later on fb if Im not going to be on Ill leave you a message

  • OK hon x

  • Whippet lover I think you should be a volunteer. You have always been so supportive to us all and I think you would be good as part of the team. xx

  • Thanks kialaya (what a lovely name) x

  • Hi Whippet with all the experience you have you would be great as a volunteer. I think you should go for it and good luck. By the way did you enjoy getting caught up by workmen or were'nt they worth it lol (sorry) hubby always said i was mad soft hugs xx

  • I will go for it if I get the chance. Have rocked the boat a bit recently so might get rejected.

    Workmen turned out to be workboy and I think I was a little TOO mature for him. Nice lad though made him sandwich and cup of tea x

  • Hi Whippet it sounds like u cud b an asset 2 the volenteering team x Gentle hugs & big :)s x

  • Thanks loobie - I know I have a lot to offer and I know what I can't do too so here's hoping! x

  • you go for it lv,you`d make a lovely vol,honest lv you wouldxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi there! Just to let you all know that FMA UK needs people to help with their support phone line. About 3 hrs a month (or more if you can do it). I am sure you've most likely heard of FMA UK, but if not, they are the national charity for support and awareness. Just thought I'd mention this! A.x

  • I think that's important enough for you to post a full blog or do it on the facebook page. I'm gonna start of here first but will keep FMA hepline in mind as I've been a helpline volunteer before, just not right now. x

  • Lindsey has just contacted me to welcome me as a volunteer and I'll be formally introduced along with all volunteers and admin shortly. Thanks for your support folks. xxxxx


  • Thanks nadine x

  • Hey Whippet Lover, congrats, just noticed you have been accepted as a volunteer. You have always been very level headed and fair in your responses to posts and I know you will do the forum proud. You go girl!!! xxx

  • Thanks Angie and for our chat. I'll do my best, but there's a lot of blogs on here tonight and I don't know if anybody else is on so I'm doing myself. xxx

  • Hi Whippet Lover Congratulations well done you will be an asset to the site soft hugs xx

  • Thanks Scrumie, look at me all grown up with volunteer next to my name and all (lol) x

  • Dont know much about it but you sound as though you'd be great!!!!! Love your blogs!!!

  • It just means we keep a look out for questions, new forum users and anything else we think we can help with. Thanks re my blogs, I think I right the longest ones on here anyway!

  • Hi Whippet_lover,

    well great news for you and congratulations, looks like you've got a wealth of experience, knowledge and information to share with us all.

    Re your blogs...think some of mine have gone into bound volumes...just have not got the concept of keep it short lol.

    all the best

    jan H xx

  • Thanks Jan, I am still learning about this site so can't claim be an expert. I have done a fair bit of the same sort of stuff though so I'll do my best!

    If your blogs are longer than mine, I'll have to read some more of them.

    Christine x

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