diary of a bored patient number two. CRASH TEAM

diary of a bored patient number two. CRASH TEAM

this actually do exist.i was in the assessment ward and needed topasswater (so ladylike I can Be) they offered a bed pan and i said i cant use those so they brough a commode chair. i waited until the nurse had moved away then decided i would walk to the loo. well i got there okay but as i opened the door i started to black out. vaguely sawauniform and muttered (like an old fashioned lift girl) going down.

i came to on a bed with several nursess around me attaching this that and the other.i looked at the equipment and noticed one with paddles. promptly let them know that they unless they male young a handsome they could not paddle me..

i am so bored i want to go homenow helllllloooooo i want to go home now.

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  • oh bless you ,im sure you will be home soon ,but first you have to get well hun ,as well as we get lol ,you know what i meen :)

    i hate hospital so i can totally sympathise ,lots of hugies xxxx

  • lol if you get paddled by a fit young doc im coming to your hospital!!! take care hun and rest xx

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