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Just received letter that my claim is now going to a tribunal I'm so scared and worried. Any advice ?

I have my 1st appointment tomorrow at Guys Hospital in London to see Professor Davies team.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for me to ask him. They are also testing me for rheumatoid arthritis, I'm so worried. I have been trying for DLA since last year so hard and only just heard through my husband that my own sister doesn't believe I have Fibromyalgia even though it's on a typed letter from my rheumatologist ? Why would someone even think for 1 minute I'd bother to make it up. I'm in such pain using Fischer sticks now etc. makes me feel so bad inside :(

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Firstly calm down and collect your thoughts.

Get a piece of paper and start jotting down quedtions anything ?

You can then use these to help in your appeal.

Dont go on your own to hospital.

Go and see c.a.b or independent centre abt your appeal.

Go for a oral hearing its better.

They pay travel expenses.

Its scary but they think you wont go ahead with ut.yes its stressful im going to a appeal.

But im gonna take a armful of info abt all my illness and a legal rep.

As for your sister hun.its family are same.

So i distance myself from them.

Only have postive people in your life.and ignore negative ones.x


Hello Sammy,

thank you for your reply and i have taken on board what you have said. I will from now on distance myself from this person, it makes me so sad to think i would be pretending to fake my illnesses, i also suffer from Ulcerative Colitis and both she doesn't believe me. Because i'm overweight it doesn't seem possible because she feels I should be very thin??

Thank you for your time to reply to me, soft hugs to you x


hey anytime at all.and that also sounds very painfu;.since ive had m.e since 2005ive learnt the hard way to distance myself from those who dont matter to the ones who do.

they cause too much stress an pain you dont niot saying disown your family etc.just merely say you have your opinion fine.if that how you feel then keep your distance.

it hurts my abt my twin sis.but im better off.xx


bless you hun, stay positive and i know its easy to say, but try not to worry!

hugs xx


Hi Lucy, don't panic,I had to go through exactly the same as you to get my D.L.A.. I to was nervous and worried over going into tribunal,the panel asked me questions over how I was when I applied and how I am now ,although when I went it was obvious to them that I wasn't making it up,they read notes from my g.p. and my specialist also from Guy's.It was very quick for me and my husband was with me to answer questions when I got brain fog.I was in and out within an hour and towards the end of their questions I went tothe ladies room and when I came out one of the panel had come up the corrider to save me walking back back and said I had been awarded my D.L.A. backdated to when I first claimed.I broke down and just cried as it had been a fight and I told the panel I felt like I was on trial just for being ill and they where sympathetic and agreed I shouldn't of had to do this but apparently it happens with 90% of cases because they want to get rid of fakers who just don't want to work and unfortunatly people like us payt for it ,having to fight.I hope this makes you feel a bit better and I wish you all the best xxx


hi Gizzmo,

Thank you for your time to reply to my post today, i really appreciate it. I am so worried as i feel like i'm on trial too. My appointment tomorrow at Guy's is fingers crossed a good one, as we are travelling from Hove to London which is not an easy one for me, I will be completely tired out and was wondering if they will give or send me a letter confirming their findings. Surely this will help me. This is my 3rd time for applying for DLA but first time to take it this far. I cannot give up now as i truly do have pain almost all of the day/night.

once again thank you for replying, have a good day. x


Hello Lucy,

I was exactly like you when I went for my tribunal. My claim was put in and it was taking ages to get anywhere, first appeals, and that. I was so lucky, I have support from my GP, my employment and welfare guy and my OT. I was so nervous but I went in my wheelchair cos that's what I use and it was really quick for me. I cried when I won and it got backdated. I too was told that they don't think people will go through tribunals because its stressful. It's to get rid of all the fakers. It's the fakers that have made it difficult for us to get our DLA. Do what the first one told try to be calm and make sure if you can that someone is with you. Take everything, notes, letters, etc. I had mine in a folder, which is still building lol. It is so stressful, just trying to get things like this sorted it, they don't realise that its our lives we are trying to sort. Support for ourselves. I'm lucky that my family support me. My husband gave up work to be my carer, and I know I couldn't have got through it all without my GP and Dave my wonderful man who fills in all my forms. Good luck hun, big hugs and much love. xxxxx


hi Babebatista,

thank you for replying to my post. I am wishing my GP was as supportive as yours sounds. He told me to keep walking even though every step is so painful, i asked him about a wheelchair and he replied the fact I can walk even though, its very slow and less than 50m at a time, stopping and needing to sit down, he doesn't agree to 'giving' in with a wheelchair, certain members of my family think I make it up. so sad I wonder if they would like to live a week in my shoes with these painful heavy legs?

much love and thanks for replying x


i too have 2 folders full of copies of every sick note sent in.and yes make copies sounds silly of everything.that way you have extra back up at all times.x


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