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Early hours of this morning i heard like fireworks going off and alot of noise then the fire engine came down my road and turned round that was odd but now i know why i jus took my doggy fora walk at the end of the road i turned the corner to be faced with a big people carrier completely burned out it is nothing left inside it is awful so that was all the noise poor people who ever that belongs too .

i presume it was a malice thing but who knows people do things for a laugh when they are youngthey dont think thatr residentil houses are feet away it it was to explode lets hope it was a fault with the car and not a n attack love to you all and whatis it all comingtoo ????

love diddle xxx

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its really sickening.i no this isnt as bad but the young couple nxt dr put pot plants out,i warned them bout the nasties that live round here...and they did just what i knew they would,destroyd all plants,its a shame that people cant have anything now-a-days without D*CK HEADS destroying stuff and if you put your hands on them your the 1 in the wrong!!!! xxxxxxxxx


Could have been teenagers joyriding then tbey set it on fire.

Or just stolen and burnt out.happens now some have no respect.x


sign of the times im afraid, my children are young, hate to think what it will be like when they grow up!!



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