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Government now threatening to paste posters of 'Benefit' fraudsters on lamp posts in the streets where they live''

Government now threatening to paste posters of 'Benefit' fraudsters on lamp posts in the streets where they live''

it might seem irrelevant even funny if it weren't that many with our condition are wrongly maligned by the benefits offices. Subsequently having to appeal decisions and not all suceed. I wonder how long it will take if this outrageous suggestion implies before some poor fibro suffers would be part of the government witch hunt!!

next they will be throwing people in to rivers to see if they sink or swim, then burned at the stake.

What is happening to our country!

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this was just stated on 'Good Morning program'


I give up Happe,they have all gone stark staring mad.

love and hugs Butterfly54xxxx


totally agree. night night sweetheart. x


I agree, name and shame IF IT IS TRUE and prooved. I always say that I dont care what people say about me as long as its true. But I take offence if it isnt and have to put them right. There are stories in the local paper every day about benfit fraudsters being prosecuted, but they better not try to include me in that, because IT JUST AINT TRUE and that goes for a lot of us. Anyway, displaying posters of fraudtsers in their own street will either be ripped down or it will stand as a trophy. Either way...waste of time and money AGAIN


you raise some very valid points bumglebee57, i think its wrong on many levels, there would be many better ways to use public funds and they get it wrong quiet frequently.

how many blogs have we seen of people having their money withdrawn. they are bound to get it wrong.

me i have worked all my life full time till ill at 45 my i have never claimed a benefit in my life until dla,.my son is a met policeman so no crime in our family. never would abuse any system.

what sickens me is all this negative talk about benefits is victimization of those in need. this poster suggestion is just one of many ugly pointers at claimants. i worry about others, we need shop assistants, road sweepers, delivery man, none of these jobs are highly skilled or well paid, i believe this government actions are going to create a huge divide between the have and have not. young people can not afford mortgage right now even if they have a job, they will end up homeless. not everyone has parents or parents able to care for them.

i myself have only just awoken, got up at 6 to drive my daughter to school, felt dreadful. today i am in great pain all over, with tingling legs and headache so bad. my heart is chasing too.

we all are entitled to our views. me i think this government is wrong wrong wrong

and it is effecting our members already.

got to leave now, can not focus properly.

nothing personal. gental hugs



They are just trying to spread hate. Since that BBC program got shown there has been many hate crimes against disabled folk, people in wheelchairs being spat on, folk with sticks or walkers pushed, I got pushed into a trolley few weeks ago, stuck up rich bleep forced her way past me pushing me into another shoppers trolley.


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