strange thing over london

strange thing over london

yesterday there was a strange disclike thing in the sky over london for a fleeting moment it came back today hovered for a minute or two then disappeared.

some people have said they remember seeing it a long time ago

but most cannot remember it.

after hours of research sceintists have determined that the the object is something called the sun...

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  • lol that had me going ,hahaha very good xxx

  • lol you had me going there !!1

    Hugs x x x

  • LOL you got me too................. good to laugh :))))))

  • can you please send some sun up here to north wales, Im waterlooged, and for a change it not because Ive pee d myself

  • Love the picture - and the caption - so very cat-like.

  • Yep Petal you got me too,but then that is not hard to do LOL.

    It`s 10.30pm and not been on all day and so far had a good laugh at some of the blogs that have been put on here.

    Love and hugs Jayne xxxx

  • Do you know, I thought I saw something similar yesterday too. Even had a bit of blue stuff arround it. However, must have been a figment of my imagination as I haven't seen it since.X

  • eyes can play tricks on us lol

  • Must have had a senior moment AGAIN!!

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