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Medicals being recorded

hi All,

well well, as per below, surprise surprise about the Atos medicals and being recorded. Methinks they don't want them recorded as it would expose them for the liars they are, or.... they would have to put the truth, thus a lot of people actually getting the correct decision first time, thus exposing Atos and the shambolic medicals for the farce they were/are. Am sure you get my drift, having a bit of trouble thinking about words today.

The link below gives the info below, but also there are some really interesting responses


Can the Condems ever be trusted to tell the truth?

On February 1st Chris Grayling in a private members debate about the discredited work capability assessment stated:

“On audio recording, we will offer everyone who wants it the opportunity to have their session recorded. We decided not to implement universal recording because, based on the trial experience, people did not want it. Few people wanted their sessions recorded, and some said that they definitely did not. We decided therefore to offer recording as an option to those who want it. That seems entirely sensible.”

Following an email about being refused the option of having a WCA recorded from a Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) supporter DPAC and False Economy have investigated this further. It seems that only months after Grayling made this promise ATOS are refusing to allow disabled people to have their WCAs recorded. ATOS are claiming that all 11 of the recording machines are broken. This is a totally inadequate number anyhow for the number of test centres there are, however to be asked to believe that they are all broken is beyond a joke.

The Nottingham assessment centre where the supporter was due to have her assessment recorded gave as the reason for refusing to allow her to have her assessment recorded was that their equipment broke and it would take a long time to repair, hence they [quote]: “have decided to not offer the option of recording any longer.”

When she asked if this for ever and the answer was “yes”. The name of the person she spoke to is a Simon in the Nottingham branch.

Surely given the fiasco over A4e it is now time for some rigorous auditing of ATOS assessments and practices to occur. Please let us know at if you are refused permission to have your WCa recorded.

thoughts to all falling foul of Atos..past present and future

Take care

Jan h xx

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Nothing surprises me about ATOS , the DWP or the government now. I've read so much bad stuff about them .

The BMA called for the WCA to be scrapped........ and I've heard nothing about it since !



Sadly me neither, the more you read the more mind boggling it is. It's so frustrating as there must be tens of thousands in the same boat yet no one hears their voices.

Yes also saw that, think it was hushed up very quickly. But...why should they listen to the BMA??..the people qualified to assess their patients, when they can throw money at Atos and get the manufactured results they want.

I've often thought, most doctors do not hand out medical certificates willy nilly, you get a med cert to say you're not fit for work after being seen by your doc for quite a while, so why does the DWP think they can over rule a qualified doctor? beggars belief.

And while on this little hot potato...i used to get med certs for 6 months, now i've been been told they can only issue them for 3 months at a time...hmmm suspicious.

haha, just call me cynical...least i can still laugh at the absurdity of it all.....just!!

Take care

Jan xx


Yes Jan, I agree totally. Ive always sadi that your GP, who sees you regularly, knows about your illness(es) and prescribes your medication, should be the person to give your information to DWP of whoever. I am SO SICK of all this stupidity.It stresses me further than I already was.


Hi bumblebee,

the whole system is a total shambles, i saw a nurse on my medical 3 weeks ago, "oh so your fibromyalgia is just general aches and pains then", could have slapped her, especially, as per previous posts on here i was nearly in tears of pain with arthritis after sitting on a bus for an hour and a half.(we didn't bet round to the newly diagnosed arthritis as i was immediately sent home by taxi as blood pressure went toxic !!!!) Be interesting to see what the decision is when i get my brown envelope of doom...aka decision from the work of fiction i assume the nurse wrote.

It beggars belief that unqualified people make decisions that affect soooo many peoples lives, without little regard for the impact it has on them. not their fault i suppose, it's just THE STUPID SYSTEM

And while i'm on a venting roll (sorry to offload) why, when someone is diagnosed with a condition the the dwp/dhss or whatever, class as potentially disabling (and let's not forget some have multiple conditions) why are they continually recalled back for's not going to get any better!!! Back to the, ask the patients doctor and get confirmation...job done thousands of pounds saved....see i'm just helping pay off the massive debt now by saving the govt money on stupid schemes lol. So it's true...I AM A GENIUS rofl.

thought for the day...if i survive this week i would like my straight jacket in purple lol

Take care

Jan xx


Being fitted for my staight jacket now. Im having a nice black leather studded one. in memory of the biker lifestyle Ive been forced to give up because of the dreaded Fibro and arthritis.So your "Medical professional" nurse hadnt the foggiest clue about Fibro then? Someone wrote in a blog in the past, "You wouldnt get a physiotherapist to assess someone with a brain disorder, would you?". So we have all been inacurately assessed then??


Oooohhh, that sounds a good one, yep, have a designer one for happy times and memories. Mine would have to be an archaeology one, my trowel, building rubble and pottery. was a bit of a biker and rock chick here also, don't think i could throw my leg over the pillion now...omg am creased up at that thought. haha, just lead me to my darkened padded room and leave the rest to me. I can crack up in peace then lol. Good job no one is here to hear me somedays..the air is blue to say the least. :-}

Am really wondering if she had no idea about fibro or was being facetious...a very loaded question the way it was offhandedly put.

I'm sure no matter how "trained" these "medical professionals" are they cannot know about everything. It's not just the diagnosis, it's how it affects each and everyone's lives, they just don't seem to factor in the pain people are in or how the meds affect us. I couldn't take my painkillers on the day or i'd never have got off the bus, i'd have been slumped in the seat.

I was slightly alarmed that i saw a nurse.

really do wonder how many are wrongly assessed, as per the posts on here and all the refusals people get....far tooooo many

Take care

Jan H x


I think you have to be a Fibro sufferer or full time carer to fully understand what it does to us.I had a Dr and a judge at my appeal hearing. The dr was supposed to be knowledgable in Fibro and he may KNOW about the ILLNESS, symptoms, medication etc, but no one really knows but us, how it robs you of your hopes and dreams and the person you were before.How it affects relationships, whole families and your future, your quality and enjoyment of life. We can do without the further sress of these stupid assessments and the worry of having to work on top of everything else you struggle with every day. Knowing there are so many of us with this hanging over us, is SO depressing. Especially as we know ATOS and their "little helpers" are being paid so much for putting us through such distress.I used to say I wouldn't wish Fibro on anyone, but d'ya know what? I TAKE IT BACK. You know who you are.....


Hi bumblebee,

Quotes from a webpage link on here, "it appears these medicals are so widely known to be flawed, so flawed in fact that the British Medical Association has has asked that it be stopped forthwith." and " if the DWP recognize Fibro as being such a disabling condition ,why is it so many of us are having our DLA and ESA removed" . and why do we keep getting recalled...surely they must know so many people are not going to get any better, just churn out the one size fits all system. why don't they read what the guidelines are, or is the government so hell bent and getting everyone back to work they just ignore them

It seems so wrong that the decision makers who read these works of fiction, oh sorry medical reports, prepared by so called medical professionals, have no medical training. It's just a production line of medical assessment, report, rejection, appeal. i can only assume it's such a mechanical process day after day they forget we are actually ill and don't need the unnecessary stress.

sickening that they are paid so much...obviously they are being rewarded for turning the sick and disabled down, removing them from the disability benefit system and generally making their lives more of a misery , unfair unfair's so very frustrating to see soo many on here, same old story time after time

the saying goes..don't judge my journey till you've walked my path, as you say i also would not wish this on anyone...but give them a couple of months and it might focus there attention

take care

Jan xx


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