Accused of depression or should I say gossiped about

Feeling really naft off. Been diagnosed with hypothyroid ME/ Fibromyalgia Yet still my sister persists on telling everyone behind my back that I'm depressed. Makes me feel depressed and cross and want to sty away from her. Why do people seem to gloat when another I or could be depressed I AM IN PAIN and don't doubt this is depressing - what do others think about people not having enough energy to get out of bed??

How do we cope with negative people? Thanks fir the chance to off load - its my birthday tomorrow - bit random but want to chill ax with grand children whilst being harassed to arrange something for same negative people - it's enough to make you stay in bed!!!!!!!

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  • Happy Birthday for tomorrow xx

    It's horrible when people don't understand, but I think it says more about them than it does about us . Once you've suffered with a condition like Fibro , the one thing you do have is compassion for other people in pain.



  • Thank you

  • Hey Jeannie, Gentle hugs.

    Isn't it funny how, many years ago being depressed was the thing no one talked about or wanted to hear about - Nowadays it's more a Badge Of Honour as the new "taboo" to have invisible illnesses and not have anyone one (normal) talk about it or want to know about it FULL STOP! My Eldest daughter, 23, (estranged) would only accept the depression, due to PTSD, and totally ignored anything to do with Fibro. Yet my youngest, 21, has no qualms about my being ill, as she actually sees, hear and talks about it with me. - But as a newly wed of almost 2 years and a 10 month old son - she's rather busy with hubby, son and their home to help me out much on my bad days. Though she worries constantly about me, bless her.

    And even my two closest friends are still unsure about it - but at least the read up on it - As Mr Fibro is tightening his grip - I don't see them so much - but we stay in touch via phone.

    Some people prefer to bury their heads in the sand - I just wonder how they'd manage in our situation!?!?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow Jeannie. Have a great day. :-D


    Carol xx

  • Thanx

  • Hi Jeannie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow :) Enjoy being with your grandchildren they will cheer you up.

    The thing is that annoys me with this whole depression thing is everyone gets it at some point in their lives but not everyone has fibro although probably more than realised.

    But my sister has had disability paid for her severe depression middle rate for years and years, (ok now she is going death and has heart palpitations but even so) yet me and my brother has fibro, which includes depression as well as a host of debilitating and getting progtressively worse and we have to fight for benefits.

    I just wish i could make more people i know understand this illness they just say "oh your just depressed" its so infuriating.

    try to ignore it if you can. xx

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  • hello jeannie

    it is good to get things off your chest some people can bee so catty I hope you have a lovely birthday tomorrow take care love beth xx

  • Thank you

  • i suffer on and off with depression and i can tell you now its not fibro . Last year i was suicidal and my hubby had 6 months off work with me . So tell your sister to read this .DEPRESSION IS A CLINICAL ILLNESS ITS NOT FIBRO . And you would know if you had depression . its not a case of being pissed off its a case were you want to die xxx

  • Hi Rosehip I know just where you are coming from, depression is a terrible illness I have bouts of it over many years and at times been suicidal its an awful place to be people still dont understand the illness properly, Take care Sue xx

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  • Hi happy birthday for tomorrow and have a good time with your grandchildren. try not to take any notice of what others say you know whats wrong their the ones with a problem. take care soft hugs xx

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  • Hi Happy birthday for tomorrow and enjoy your grandchildren. Mine dont live nearby 1 family live in leeds the other in Bristol both my daughters are pregnant but while they are good to me they do not understand my illness especially the fatigue part of it. Anyway you take good care of yourself Sue xx

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  • Happy Birthday for tomor. Hope you have a lovely time. People can be heartless. My mum told me to get off all pills and join a gym. Then i'd be better. She said all fybro is, is face ache. My mum couldnt care aless. Try to put it to the back of your head. Or you could tell them they need to educate them selves where fybro is concerned. Chin up hun. Hug n love to you. Helen xx

  • Thanx Helen

  • hi jeannie, i also have hypothyroidism and fibro, it really does drive you up the wall the way people are towards us!i just give it to them straight now, i dont care if they like it or not, though actually the friend who was so dissmissive of it is a lot better now, perhaps she doesnt want to be in my bad books again,lol

    take care and i hope you have a lovely birthday tomorrow, spend it exactly how you want to! xxx

  • Cheers Suzie

  • Happy birthday for tomorrow sweetie and you do just as you want tomorrow , remember its your day x

  • Thanx. Feeling a bit better and yes I shall do exactly as I like. Thank God for my grand children they bring me so much happiness - being in their company is all I want - who knows if t he rain keeps off we might even get the BBQ out!!!!

  • Hi Jeannie HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2U HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2U HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JEANNIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2U x Take no notice 2 none believers & have a brilliant day x Gentle hugs & big :)'s x

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  • Happy birthday, hope you are able to have an enjoyable day.

    Personally I'd just ignore the remarks and say away from family as much as you can if they re being lie tat.

    You can choose your trends but not your family, bt just be use they are family doesn't mean you have to be around tem all the time.

    When I was in hospital ver 100 miles from home, my 'family' who live 2 miles from the hospital couldn't even be bothered to visit, even if it was to check if I needed anything.... But no.

    Take care and ignore what there's say, it's a wastenf your much needed energy x

  • Thanx xxx

  • Hope you enjoyed your birthday Jenny.

    I feel I get the same treatment from family members & friends.

    Tonight is my first night back in my own bed for 3 weeks & after today I know its gonna be a bed day.

    I'd been away staying at Mum & Dads to mind the dog while they went on holiday. So of course I got tore into the place cleaning & freshening everything up. Now I can feel my back & shoulders tightening up. Why do I do it. I know I need to pace but just keep pushi. myself that bit harder. So tomorrow I will pay but at least I can suffer with the place clea. lol.

    Luv n hugs

    Jackie xx

  • I know what you mean Jackie even if u end up lying in bed there's a feeling of satisfaction - seems we learn to actually enjoy doing chores because we come to realise just how much energy is needed to complete even the most basic of things!!!

    Thanx for your support

  • Hi and hope that you had a great birthday and enjoyed your grandchildrn ayt least they give you something to smile about bless your heart i know it is so frustrating at times but what can we do ???? love to you diddle xxxx

  • Thanx diddle

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