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I have got the British Heart Fondation coming between 8 and 1 pm to pick up my wall unit it is high and over 5ft long i am donating it to them as it is too nice to be dumped and people want things fo nothing so i am letting them have it to sell in their local shop ans at least get some money for their charity

i have been selling bits of furniture on e bay and guntree but people dont wan to pay anything for it i am needing the money for my new sideboard and unit for my dining room which is being delivered on 10th july trouble is it is flat pack but my dad said he will dk forme thank goodness as i am useless at it oh well love to you all and will be on here later love diddle xxxx

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hi diddle,its great your helping hf.i do voluntary work at St V`s on a fri morn and i lv it but iv missed quite a few morns tho cos of Mr fibro the SH*T and due to my beautiful dad going to live in heaven.i lv being able to help people their.theres something nice bout giving isnt there.its nice when you get new furniture and i bet your dining room will look lovely.lost of lv and fluffy hugs fm me :) xx


ment lots of lv lol xx


diddle i am going to post my poem on interent incounters on my next blog specially for you and your flat [ack lol petal


flat pack even lol


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