laughter and pain

laughter and pain

so i got up early to go back to bed knowing iwas going to need energy for the wee one today... chased her took lots of pics we all went for dinner, tooke her shopping came home chased her... well she ran i hobbled lol

rockered her held her cuddled all the good stuff but wow the pain after was agony. am i done!!! nope hubby insisted we had to get food as fridge only had ketchup lol so off we go.. got the last trolley which of course kept going left on me and with spondylothesis and ruptered disc to boot i am now in so much pain im in tears waiting for pain killers to work i raise such a stink at tescos about it asked for help and nothing i am disgusted... couldnt even hold tthe tears driving... so if you dont hear from me over the weekend you know why!!! soft hugs ziggy xx

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  • same here daughter hurt her wrist iceskating had to walk 5mins to school it took me half an hour, now Ive got shin splints and in so much pain, if I had the energy Id throw something, hope you feel a bit better soon xxxxx

  • Hi ziggy do hope you have a restfull day tomorrow maybe a duvet day do take care hope you have a good night sleep. soft soft hugs xx

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