Action following e.mail to my (Tory!!!) mp Conor Burns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a year of being Housebound e.mailed my mp last week. 8.30am today woken by knock on the door and ramp etc. being installed NOW. My point is if everyone with problems with 'the system' was to innundate mps, even if nothing was to happen immediately, eventually they would have to pinback their lugholes and listen because they wouldn't have the time for anything but answering their constituents concerns, which is after all why they are there!

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  • it only took Mark Tami , labour a few days to get in touch wth me, his office couldnt have been more helpful, I found out if you dont ask you dont get. I hope you get all the help you need

  • Yes thank you. I feel the fresh air of freedom coming my way - look out World! :)

  • That's brilliant news Tulips.

    I only wish I could say the same. My e-mails have been met with a blank wall of silence so far . I have a Tory MP .

    I'm persistent though so I won't give up :)

  • Thanks Helen. No dont give up, in fact perhaps worth making an absolute nuisance of yourself! Wish you all the best.

  • surely they have a duty of care to their constituents

  • You'd think so wouldn't you ? He has been helpful in the past , I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and a couple of weeks and if no reply I'll be in touch with him again .

  • that is wonderful news Tulip take care love beth

  • Thanks Beth riding high!

  • Hi tulip,

    Thats Brilliant new's :-) so very happy for you,

    love and gentle hugs jackie xxxx

  • Thanks for that. The guys have gone now (back tomorrow) but was talking to them before they left. They have been pulled off another job but didn't know why, and whilst I'm sorry for the people who have half a job done, I soooo need this! The guy in charge said I should have been a priority months ago, so trying not to feel guilty. Goes to show, sometimes you really do have to start shouting to get noticed. All the best.

  • Leaves me to wonder, just who are these 'bright sparkes' who allocate work according to greatest need? @ 70 you would expect a certain amount of consideration/respect would put him @ the top! If, god forbid, there had been an accident at that age he could have been 'bed blocking' in hospital for weeks and need a whole more expensive care package afterwards. Wonder why social care/NHS is costing so much? It makes your blood boil. So glad he had a decent social worker to fight his corner! x

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