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Scientists have actually found out that......'Hey people with FMS are actually in serious amounts of pain'

I know Fibro Action has a lot of information on this too. But when you watch this doctor, he made me feel so good,

Apparently this disease's name has changed over the years from lazyitus,sloathfulness, yuppy flu, cfs, me and now we are at fm.

When you cannot sleep have a look through these articles I found trawling the web.

These have made me feel so much better, I am not depressed, I am not in poor physical condition ( well I wasn't until I was given all the different meds to take to fob me off) I need a solution to the problem, not meds that dumb it down, and in fact they are not working that well either

Maybe the DLA should employ some of use to to the assessments and evaluations!

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So what's the answer? ASk for a brain scan or alternatively go to the USA and be treated like a normal human being.??????


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Hi there...... its ridculious how we are made to feel about this illness.. i am ill like many of you all, every single day of my life, never ever get a break from this, then there is the new things that we get added to this disease... i would not wish this illness on my worst enemy...

hope ur ok... hugs xxx


if they used a few fibro suffererson the panels there would be less fraudulent claimsand more given to those who actually can describe some of yhe conditions... petal


thats a fantastic idea!!!!


Thank you both..I have lived with this for years, but now my 21yr old daughter is showing familiar signs, and now I'm on a mission to find out what solutions I can find.

XXXX gentle gentle hug


thats by biggest fear, that one or more (god forbid) of my three kids will get it, my youngest lad already has probs with his knees. Just hoping its down to the sports he plays.



Maybe we should sign up the DLA to this site, them they may, just may get things right XX