upset and frustrated about tribunaral decision

i had my tribunaral 10 days ago now im in germany at the min with my brother but i had tribunaral before i came here and was told they are agreeing with the decisision made by dla they are standing by that meaning i didnt get anything i was made to feel like a fraud and lier i was totally distrort i couldnt do anything was told basically that nothing is wrong with me if and the painkillers stop any pain i get and thatwhen a gp says that i occasionally have problems with walking and looking after myself means that it isnt very often im really upset and angry cos if i was injecting myself with illiegal drugs i wouldnt have to fight for it i would get it with a silver lining but as my drugs are all precribed i dont have a problem or anything when can i apply again what can i do about this or do i wait till i have the esa tribunaral please help cos i feel that i have lost everything and dont no where to go now

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  • I know the feeling I was told that as I am a carer for my Aspergers daughter and work full time I cannot be disabled and they took everything from me as well including the mobility car so not only did I lose the money but also had to find a new car as I cannot manage without it.

    I used my DLA to pay for private treatment which I can no longer afford and become worse each day also the stress I was put through was awful. But most of all it was the feeling of being branded a liar and a fraud by the ATOS Dr that upset me the most.

    I know it is not the answer for you I gave up as I just could not handle it anymore but I am working eventually though I will have to face up to it I know.

    Good Luck Apply again now so even if you win your appeal you can withdraw the new one if not you will not lose everything as they only backdate a short while.

  • hey onhereagain its horrid isnt it i have to do something maybe we could do a petition or protest if we all get together were the ones being penalizied for having an illness that 1 isnt seen and 2 isnt recognised it really isnt fair but please you keep in touch try to stay positive im trying not winning all the time but i do keep trying love and gentle hugs lyn xx

  • I received DLA while looking after my son with Asperger's so it seems it depends on who looks at your claim as to whether you get DLA or not.

    The whole system is very unfair .

    I'm waiting on the result of my DLA renewal , but whatever it costs me health-wise , if it's turned down I will fight to the nth degree . As I'm agoraphobic, they can blummin well come to me !

  • im so so sorry u didnt get dla......its just soooooooooo wrong...ive got my appeal in 2 weeks but im dreadin it as i dont feel hopeful...........dont give up hun and i hope things look up 4 u in other ways...take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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