What a mistake!

I am sure we all do it - imagine we can do normal things and then get cracking and do them. I went up stairs yesterday and did that silly old task of putting up the ironing board - doing a half hour of clothes- just a half hour today I am crippled stupid me. I never learn now my middle back is ghastly! Does any one know of some one who comes and does the ironing?

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  • the only way I can do my ironing is by sitting down I do a few things at a time not ideal my husband does all the main housework plus he works full time but ironing he finds hard take care love beth

  • Hi i to can only do a little at a time but i've found one time i can do something and not get problems after and another time can do the same job and am in agony after. its all very confuseing. with fibro fog as well i think i'm just about ready for the funny farm now. soft hugs xx

  • Guys How lovely thanks for you're support I too find the fog simply devastating I have to concentrate so hard anyway thanks. Soft hugs sound so good - I do not get any so cheers! xxgins

  • Hi. Just been shopping bumped into my ex and stood talking for a while now back home and pains have already started in my legs and back.I have also just had to start sitting down to iron.

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