Been back to work for 2 weeks now.Still do not feel right but needs must. Am waiting for cognitive therepy on the 5th july hoping and praying that it works.A the moment i am feeling very down in the dumps to the point that i am distroying my relationship with my husband. Came home last night husband had a day off told him i was not cooking tonight and to be honest if he does cook i really do not fancy it. he just turned round and said i had an imaginary disease!!! and that i keep making little sounds and i was annoying so i went to bed. I m really angry and upset that he thinks that way and i cannot get them words out of my head. He also tells me that i am dead from neck downwards. this horrible thing does exist we know it does. Its enought for fm to destroy us it does not need love ones to stick the boot in. sorry about the moan i just had to get it out of my head. Still must go to work i suppose earn my pennies.

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  • ive been there and done that, after youve hit him over the head with a freying pan, sit him down and show him some of the posts on here, I was fibro was all in my head, then perhaps it would go away and not ruin my life any more

  • HOW DISRESPECTFULL . sending you hugs xx

  • got cog fog today sorry thats fryer pan, and I wish it was all in my head

  • How awful that your husband could say such a thing to you perhaps yopu should show him this site as there seems to be an awful lot odf us who have an imaginary illness then i think i would have kicked hin]m out in fact hard that i am if my partner said that to me i would leave him for def it is disgusting that he spoke to you that way you are supposed to be his paertner in life his best freind he should be ther for you protect you and take care of you anf help you in way that he can perhaps you are better off without people like that around you withthat attitude you are not going to help yourself feel good about yourself sorry to sound so harsh but i am so shocked he could say that show him this blog if you want i dont care perhaps he needs a wake up call as to how bad this fibro is and how low and ill it can make you feel then he may change his attitude towards you / lets hope he does nt get it in the future then love to you diddle you stick with us we are all here for you always bless your heart you deserve so much better than to be spoken to like that love diddle xxx

  • Hi it makes me so sad to hear what you are saying. I think most of us fibros have been there and thankfully most of us come through it. The problem is the disease cannot be seem. Have you tried just talking to your husband or taking him with you to your doctor. I know work can makes this difficult but surely it would be worth it to save your marriage. Obviously we dont now your position. It sounds as though you dont have children (may be wrong) so it could be one problem solved. You are obviously under retirement age and maybe not been married for long. I say all this because if you think you have come to end of the road you may have to bite the bullet. I hope you have someone to talk to about this. It is a big step but as we all know being upsets makes our symptoms worse.

    Anyway sorry about rambling I just hate to hear this but understand. I hope your therapy goes well.

    All my very best.

    Bye for now love A x

  • Hello Annabell Thankyou for your reply.It was humble pie last night he tried to deny it at first then it was the sorry.I dont think he had his brain engaged when he said it but my youngest daughter stepped in and made him realise what a terrible thing he had said.

    I feel a bit calmer today although its my fifth day of waking up at 3-15 in morning,but still got a day off today so taking daughter shopping hopefully it will wear me out and i will sleep all night.Lets hope

    have a good calm day. Sherry

  • Hii glad things are better sometimes I feel my husband feels helpless because there is nothing he can do and maybe this is the way with yours. It seems he as thought about it and realised. what you are going through and what he has to lose.

    We are all going through an invisible illness which makes it worse. The sleeping or not sleeping is a great problem not only for us but also for our other half. We must wake them up and the middle of the night isn't funny. This is something else they have to put up with. I say I will go in the spare room but he wont let me. This make me feel bad. Its just one thing after another.

    Hope You have a good night especially going to work.

    Any way hope your shopping went well. I also went with my daughter. We treat ourselves to Starbucks which is great. Especially the whipped cream on my coffee.

    Take care I hope you will keep in touch.

    Bye for now love A x

  • hi maybe his remarks were a cry for help if you say your fm is destroying your relationship. I'm sure he loves you very much, tell him how much he's hurt you. Don't let your fm beat you, be strong. hope you sort things you with your hubby. Big hugs, jelly ;)

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