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Update on pain clinic

Morning fibro family.

Hd to tk dy off today! Hvg what i call a crash strted yest exh from2pm came hme and went to bed just wk up! Still exh and mega spasms so need to rest it out. Dont usually let it beat me. My boss bless him quoted the spoon theory! If uve not heard of it google it, it is wrth the read. Anyway hd follow up app at pain clinic saw the phsyc again she thought i was a bit more better mentally than lst time as she tnk ive accepted this is what i hve and allowing others to help more inst of taking it all on myself, which family hve been bit better. Reckons i cld do with a mild antidepressant to lift me bit more a all my meds r really for the chronic pain etc. So off to c gp on wed! Not sure what he will say / prescribe. She is also reff me to spec pain nurse who reviews all your meds etc which i useful as she may suggest some alternatives esp over my concern bout the weight gain that is depress me. Bit of a vicious circle!!

Will keep u updated bigs hugs xx

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yeah, balancing the meds with other things like weight gain is par for the course for us, I'm afraid. the anti depressants they prescribe are also painkillers for neuralgic pain like ours. they start low and work up to levels you can live with. I know where you're coming from. I spent 3 mornings this past week out cold, not rising until lunchtime. if we need rest, then we need rest.

yr boss sounds understanding. what is it that you do? my last boss was a git so I quit! that was 18 blissful months ago lol.

it sounds like you've got a good support team. hope you find some relief soon xx


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