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I popped into town yesterday as i wanted to order a new sideboard and another little unit for my dining room as since it has been decorated the old stuff looks old fashioned so put table and chairs on e bay and will get the local heart foundation to pick up the big wall unit so they can sell it and they keep the money for it .

I managed to get them from Argos and they are being delivered on 19th July woo woo the only thing is they are flat pack lol which as you know is not mt forte lol so will have toget my partner/daughter/dad/sister to do it lol as they are all great at doing things like that .

love to you all diddle xxx

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lovely new stuff lol i get a new cooker on thursday cant wait yay xx


yeah io love getting new stuff you think your other stuff is okthen when the new bit comes you think oh my goodness what ever did that look like lol xxx love diddle x


we had a huge range gas oven ,one of the ovens broke at xmas !

i rang the people up to fix it and it was £130 just to take a look !

so i then decided to rent one from hughes ,i rang up a gas place to come and disconnect the old one ,£62 to disconect !

we had our meters changed the other day ,and i just happend to mention to gas man that my oven was broken and i couldnt afford to get it disconected ,he says no problem i will do it for you ,for a cup of tea ! yay ! he put in a report saying the oven was dangerous which it was as it was under a plug so you couldnt use that side of the hobs as it might melt the plug ,what a lovely man !

chose my new oven yesterday ,cant wait ,like you say when you get new stuff you wonder why you had the other stuff lol


New furniture and everything is flat packed these days, could I possible find a flat packed man ?

Lovely gas man this world still has kindness and all for a good cup tea ...

Soft hugs xxx



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