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Not brilliant alately trying to smile

Well hello good morning i wanders what everyone else is going through at minute.??

I started with some sinus issues in feb took no notice got worse after nothing wrking and releasing,

Spread round my face over time and now i get bolts of lightening and alsorts on face. Had steroids nasal eased off only taken 6 months but now am worse with facial had period (waterfall) this when got worse i woke one morning all my left side was like a band arm and leg stinging feeling, i get like discomfort central of my chest too.

i had one decent half day took no meds and by gum next day did i get hit with a block of cement lol so heavy and weak and struggle, took meds again and give me life back (lyrica) but i have had to up the dose as its getting stronger went to doctors yesterday and trying to get my Brain results back but on annual leave until 18th :-( i hope i dont get worse. But.... Offf to wrk we go as i have to do all driving. My gums or something are bleeding on a night too. One of my toe nails was yellow (big one) and has come off (how ugly) i feel like am falling apart at 43 lol. I want to dye my hair as i used to do but now worried it may cause more problems :-/ hmm what to do.

I have had Root canal in past and dry socket as was confused because of severity of pain with root back and forth doctors and dentist not knowing. This is different ! I i have other symptoms too .. Xxxxxxxx

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Oh you poor thing it makes you feel so run down

I just have pain in my legs and hips like I have been

To the gym

A few tramadol will mend the worset I hope.

I will be thinking about you today in the hope

That things will get sorted out for you

Love viv


You really sound like you're going through the mill. I hope you soon find something to give you some relief from all the pain. Just getting through the day can be such an uphill battle, but it really sounds like you need to take time to go to your Dr, and sit down and go through everything. Our GP's now offer double appointments for people who have a lot to talk about. Maybe your surgery do a similar scheme? Also, think about writing it all down before you go so you remember to raise every issue.

Hope you start to feel better soon.



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