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tongue in cheek.... doctors staff

I found a book in the doctors waiting room well hidden and full of dust lol it said thou shalt not phone for an appointment unless you ask god first if you cannot find god here then you my speak to his second in commant the angel gabrial angel of war otherwise known as the receptionist. do this at your risk......... hope a little humour will brighten up your day soft hugs and gentle laughter petal

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that has certainly put a gd endin 2 my crap day thank you x


haha, a little gem that one, really made me chuckle, could almost be a hand book for my surgery. Receptionists ask you what the problem is...i just reply ""an ongoing's non of their business, they are not medically trained so why ask?? Winds me up every time, then you get people explaining very very personal problems in front of everyone, so very wrong.

take care

Jan H xx


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