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Totally Fed Up

Well feeling totally fed up when the cold wet weather caused me a massive flare-up. More than one actually.

So I bought my parents - and myself by default I suppose - a Dolce Gusto machine like my brother owns. Sod poverty, I need cheering up occasionally and I hope this helps on bad days to treat myself to a chocolate coffee treat. Can't afford Starbucks anymore, even if I could can't manage to travel to my nearest one, so moot point there.

So I ordered a red one, to match the new colour scheme I unilaterally chose for the new kitchen utensils we need to buy. Felt the kitchen needed cheering up as well.

So I ordered a coffee machine and a starter pack of all different flavoured beverages, four new coffee glasses/mugs, and a tray of diet Kinnie. Totally unconnected to the coffee machine but I loved Kinnie while on the last holiday I had 13 years ago to Malta and Amazon sell it in the UK so snapped up a tray of 12 500ml bottles. Diet to match my desire to loose weight which probably won't work much as my mobility is very limited. But I can but try!!

I hope that the occasional treat with my our new machine-a-bob will be a change from the norm. A way to get out of the 'rut' I feel trapped in quite frequently.

Hate the feeling of that 'rut' altogether.

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the problem u might have is the pods may be dear at the moment shop around online hunni for the be

st bargains



I figure that too.

I've been scoping out ebay, Amazon and other online retailers. It will be the occasional treats to be honest. Also I personally can't tolerate caffeine too much. Haven't for years now but I know I can manage the chocochino that this machine makes.

It's for the night time to relax after a bad and maybe not to bad day.


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