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I am still in shock aftre working for 25 years for the nhs i have just been told that i am being made redundant. oh my god what do i do last week they were saying that we willl be transferered to other areas rather than make redundancies. feel like they are picking on me because of my disbilities. they say its voluntary but it will come down to choosing between me and another nurse. one who is fit and healthy cannot do the job the same as me as i have 25 years behind me and she has two years. feel like the scrapheap here i come as noone else will employ me. MY WORLD HAS JUST CRUMBLED AROUND ME

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Oh my God

I work the PCT as well, have they told you that you are going

It might be good for you if you are transferred to another area

But I bet you have to have an interview more stress.

They are not allowed to choose because the want some else

Who has not got your problems but how could you prove that

They have.

Every thing is changing jobs that you think are safe are not

But you know it might be the best thing for you, they may offer

You a deal

And you might get a job which is not so hard, because ours

Are so very hard aren't they not to mention the stress, it might

Be a God send best thing ever for you I know it's such a shock and

I don't expect you feel like that not to mention the money which every

One lives up to

Don't be to down think about the alternatives and they may have

Done the best thing for you it's such a shock I don't expect

You are thinking very well at the moment

Think of you viv


Aww i am so sorry, what a nightmare.

I have no advice as i havent been through this i just wanted to send you a big hug hun and i hope you can get it sorted or at least a new job.

Good luck, hugs, kel xxxx


Thankyou for the support I willkeep you up to date x x

Maybe they done me a fav our with how my health is we will see x x x



Are you a union member as there is much more to this? If so you need to speak to them as you cannot be put at a disadvantage because of your Disability in fact your employer can positively discriminate in your favour. if not I would join very quickly probably able to do online.

Have they actually sent you a letter or is this a manager trying to cut the numbers before the real action takes place has happened a lot in my Department.

Do not make a hasty decision as they have to try and provide you with suitable alternative employment.

They are trying it on and unless you know your rights you are an easy target.

If you take Voluntary Redundancy you are making yourself unemployed and will not be entitled to any benefits and insurance companies will not pay out on redundancy cover.

I am a rep for a different union and on looking into this as a civil servant who has a maximum of 23 months pay for Voluntary (which most would not get as not yet in their coffin) and 12 months if Compulsory. Staff in the same situation on the whole have refused Voluntary as they refuse then they have a while before anyone does anything about Compulsory for which they get given 3 months Notice during this time they are still on full pay and earning towards their Pension etc also their Mortgage etc insurance will payout and hopefully once there savings etc are below the level allowed they will get Benefits.


Hi, my sis was in the same position as you a short while ago, with the nhs, and she also has had, and will have, on going health problems.

She, like you had been in the job the longest but was worried for exactly the same reasons, thought they would keep the fit and healthy one.

She kept her job :). I sincerly hope your decision makers see the value in experience the same as hers did.

Crossing everything for you. Gentle hugs. xxx


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