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OMg i have been dieting/healthy eating for 3 weeks now and i havent cheated once, no biscuits no cakes etc.. I just wanted some weight off for my hols.

I have been to the asthma clinic today and i have put weight on. I cant beleive it. I am now heavier than what i was full term pregnant with 9lb6oz baby in my tummy.

The nurse has told me its proberbly my tablets but i cant come off the gabapentin as its my wonder drug. I am starting slimming world on monday as i need to get this weight off.

hugs, kel xxxxx

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oh kel ,how annoying ,!!!! and youve worked so hard !! im angry on your behalf

sending you loads of hugs xxxx


Aww thanks lynz, i am a lot more raging in your message lol. xxxx


Ohh by the way the fridge is done :P lol xxxxxx


What cripples me is the fact I can't exercise to help my weight to go down. Given the physio I do daily you'd think that would help but it doesn't seem to. Grr ... so annoying. Good luck. I've been given the whole tablets making weight loss difficult spiel too when my lack of success has gotten to me.


I know i have calmed down now lol. I am going to see a different doc tomorrow so i will see what she says but i know its going to be hard whatever i do. I have also got pyhsio starting next week too so hopefully he will help.

thankyou, hugs kel xxxx


I tried the online Boots diet more a healthy eating control sheet than a diet made me realise just how many calories in some things but more importantly how little water I was drinking.

Apprently not drinking enough water causes your body to store fat etc and you put on weight.


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