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sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

i am getting on average 4 hours a day dont ever sleep in day time or night just cant sleep at all . i am going to bed at 2 in the morning and still lay awake .Igot up at 10 this morning but didnt go to sleep till about 6 . i am dragging myself round but am very exausted .

i made myself do the house work today and thought i would go to bed early , i went at 7 but just got up again and wide awake xx

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hi rosehip, i do understand how you feel! Iget very little sleep unless i use a mix of meds. it does sound as if you are 'presurising' yourself to sleep. In your subconciousness you don't realise how much this influences your ability to sleep.

I still have many nights of sleeplessness, but i use a few tricks to enure that even though i may not be sleeping my mind and body are at least resting as much as they'reable lol!

I use Rosemary or sage essential oil burner, some gentle music that i enjoy or even listen to the radio ( the chanel that has plays on) and last but not least, i play my day back in my mind until i get back to the moment i woke/got up from bed if i gedt that far!i also like to make sure i'm in a comftorble position and sometimes lieing down just isn't always the best for being comfy.

i hope you do finely get some sleep but at least if you dont sleep continuing to rest is the best because your body is benefiting.

hugs poppy xxx




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