its like winter

its 10 deg cold dark and very windy here in nottinghamshire.I decided i was going to clean up so ive polished hoovered and cleaned my kitchen wow !!!!!

My husband will think hes come home to a new house , I will be in trouble as we usually do it together on a sunday

Anyway i have done it and i bet i will pay for it but the satisfaction is a lovely feeling . Feet up for the rest of the day me thinks x

2 Replies

  • Lol I am sitting for a hour then doing something for ten mins its just that hoovering, my grown up kids will do it later.

    Well done you but rest now.

    Soft hugs xxx

  • well done u when i have the energy i HAVE to use it that way i dont feel so damn useless to everyone. its worth the exhaustion and pain afterwards. petal

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