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Day in bed

Well yesterday I took my nan out to visit a national trust building, we had a lovely day. Went to bed at 9pm and expected to fall straight away. No chance of that happening, didn't get to sleep til 2am, and have been in and out of sleep till now. This is not good. I now feel sick as i haven't eaten all day, and ny boyfriend thinks if i had just forced myself to get up then i would have been fine. My nan recently had an operation and she was up today to go to the doctors, I feel jealous that she can do more than me. She was walking round quicker and easier...

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some times we do pay the price for lovely days i am sorry you seem to be struggling at the moment wish it was as easy as just get up .. I was thinking maybe a cerial bar and water by the bed may help you eat and keep your body dehydrated this may help with sickness when you wake up for a while even if its just a bit and sip .. tomorror is another day and good luck xx Gentle dyslexic hugs


Thank you, I've now managed to move myself to the sofa and eaten some chocolate :) woop woop x


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