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My laptop was taken to be re[aired yesterday think the switch inside has gone the lady said so needs to be replaced it will be between £45 and £75 so if it is the latter will have it done if it more will trade itin for a newer laptop which sytart at £85 so will find out mon i hate it though as i have to keep sittting in dining room to come on here which is fine but normally at night i jus go on sofa with laptop anyway if i am not back later will be on in morning love to you all diddle xxx

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Hi sweetie , ive got a notepad and its lovely can snuggle down in bed on my grimmer days and not feel quite so isolated , even if it is with my cyber friends x


Hey diddle, sorry your laptop is in hospital with a booboo - I hope it will be an inexpensive operation that's needed. Gentle hugs.

I don't have a laptop - YET - but my PC is on the sideboard next to my armchair and my monitor and keyboard are in front of me on one of those over-bed tables on wheels, with a pouffe on the rails underneath so I can rest my swollen legs and ankles and sit in comfort. If I feel chilly, I have a fleecy throw-over to keep warm in! Bliss. I Can be so comfy that I can have many of my many ZZZZ's sat right here.

Without my PC I'd be lost - it's been my lifeline for many years now and to have to put it in for repair would be devastating! Now, if I can find a laptop with a 20" screen like my monitor, then I'd upgrade to one and keep my baby as a stand-by should the laptop need to go into hospital and have it's booboo's fixed if any occur.


Carol xx


poor you i would be so so very lost without mine hope its sorted soon xx gentle dyslexic hugs


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