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All my family call me Diddle and my kids call me mumm and i am Nanny and sister and Auntie what ever i am to anyone the title has not changed ? BUT I have where is the diddle or whatever i am to anyone gone wher is she she looks the same but inside the body you see in front of you is someone completely different !!!

i should be able to jump in my car drive to see my daughter and Grandsons , half an hour away spend 2 hours there drive back do the house/ walk the dog/ do the washing/ go shopping and just keep going all day !!!!

BUT no i go to my daughters come home take dog upthe road for 5 min walk and then go sit on the bed for 3 hours jus laying there i am 47 in few months me laying on my bed in the afternon is un heard of unlessi am really ill i dont know it is just so frustrating that this stupuid Fibromyalgia can take so much away from you and for something that does so much to you it leaves you looking the same visually i sometime look tired abut apart from that you would never know how weird i sthat ??

oh well moan over lol we all have our moments

hope you are all looking forward to the weekend and getting back to normal next weeek , kids back to school and stufff, jus hope the weather picks up it is now starting to drizzle here my daughter goiung out all day to norwich with her mates and i think again i am gonna sit on my bed wth my kindle and prb my little doggy he normally curls up next to me and be there all day well what else is there to do when it is raining and soooo windy out there we should all be putting on the sun cream and sitting in the garden lol

love to you all Diddle xxxx

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Hi Diddle

When you put things down in that way it sounds real as most days I just try to forget its there I wake up always in pain I take my pills and hey presto yep its still there no matter what I do the pain stays I'm 49 feel 89 get told I look 39 on the outside I'm fine long black hair look after myself I have 2 grown up kids 1 lives with his gf the other getting married in 8 weeks,they see a busy funny mum 99 % of the time buti get in my bed miss fibro comes out I'm 89 till next day when on comes the face again.

Happy weekend all nice time



Oh dear , i do know what you mean . I think that ive been suffering with fm for so long but I've detiorated so rapidly over the last year that ive just become fibromyalgia . I'm not even sure I'm in here anymore or have the fight to get out . x


hi there diddle i was always taught the inner me will suvive no matter what lifetaught methat as i had traumas no one should undergo in life but here i is still fighting inside when and where i can and you can too nevergive up we loves you loadsand wese the inside not the outside of you that can be deceptive. loving gentle butterfly hugz.......petal ps check outmy new question re carers allowance may help.


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