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Not been on in while

hi not been on in while as been having some really stressful stuff going on with my son 3 times now since easter he has lost control and we have needed to call police and hes even took an overdose of my antihistamines and been in hospital and social services are still saying cant help. its started to really affect me fm as ive been at my sister in laws for the last 2 weeks sleeping in the living room, crawling upstairs for toiletry needs and its getting to a point where i cant even move properly. im feeling so low and unnecessary its unreal and dont worry i wont do anything stupid hes not worth that but its hard not to have mega lows in the situation.

well better sign off as my arm is spasming typing this but at least ive got acupuncture to look forward to next week lol

gentle hugs peeps

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hello wanita2k I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time I HOPE things get better for you soon sorry I dont know what else to you it must be so hard take care love beth2 x


Hi its good to hear from you,

I am sorry you are going through all that stress, fibro enjoys stress doesnt it.

I hope your life will quieten down now and you know we are here for you when ever you need us. :)

hugs, kel xxxx


sorry 2 hear bout ur troubles but what exactly do they want 2 happen b4 they offer any help. Know bit of how u feel. After my granddaughter was born almost 5 yrs ago I could c my daughter slowly slipping in2 depression. I phoned every1 and any1 I could think off, doctor, health visitors, social services etc. Every1 passed me from 1 to other and no1 wanted 2 know and just passed me around. 2 days later my daughter slashed her wrists and overdosed. Thankfully I was there and we phoned 4 ambulance, she was ok but ended up spending 3 mths in unit but she has never looked back since. Still believe if some1 had listened 2 me things wouldn't have got so far out of hand.

Really hope things improve 4 u as all this stress can't b doing u any good and sleeping on ur sis in laws settee can only add 2 ur pains and aches.

Remember anytime u need 2 shout, vent ur anger, cry r just want some1 2 listen we r all here 4 each other.

Gentle hugs 2 u xx


hi hunny i worked with young people same behviour for over 10 years

and the oniy thing i can say is please don't give up on him , there is a reason why and when you find out maybe you will understand and be abel to help him deal with it .

i am not saying oh poor him he must get away with all he is doing he needs to have consequenses and the harder the faster they find out that that behavior will not be taken .

and most of all you need to now when to leave to himselfe and walk away for your own health and sanaty . i you like if you give me an averadge age i may be abel to get you some numbers or names of people who may be abel to help .

always remember your health comes first as if not you can't help him . so soft hugs to you and you take care of you first soft hugs kath xxxxxxxxxx


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