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Numbness in body

i have severe numbness through out the body for over two years now. I was told that i have compression on a nerve in the neck, they cant operate because of where it is but this causing problems with sensations in the body.

I started taking medicine but it has no effects at all. I had edpiral in the neck at the pain clinic but it has made difference at all, the same with the medicine.

Was wondering would the numbness be the problem.

I have major problems sleeping.

Any advice would be great.

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HI josie,

I have problems sleeping too so itake amitriplyn at night. Have you tried that?

Thats the only thing that has helped me but i know somepeople cannot take it as it makes them too groggy in the morning.

With the numbness, i have numbness in my big toe and my hands especially my finger tips and my lips and chin go numb (like anistetic is wearing off). But that comes and goes. I have no idea why.

I have tingling in my feet constantly too.

I have no idea what will help with the numbness, i hope someone comes along with some advice.

hugs, kel xxxxx


Have taken Ami at 10mg and then increased it to 40mg but it had no effect with the pain or sleeping, it was like taking nothing. I was wondering if the numbness throughout the body as i have it in the head as well would cause this problem as i had edpiral in the neck at the pain clinic and it has had no effect at all. I have the numbness so bad that i dont always get the sensation to wee.

I have tingling down the arms and body constant some days and have it as soon as i lie down in bed and in the face and lips.


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