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FED UP WITH 4 am STARTS !!!!:(

I am getting fed up with waking up at 4 am everyday and thats after i have woken2/3 times in the night i am totally washed out will go to see my GP in couple of weeks for a chat but she really has done all she can do with my meds she struggles as i am on so many things and the new ones will react badly and make me ill with my meds

i do hope you are all ok love to you diddle x

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Beat you this morning diddle been awake since 3 am xx


lol oh i was awke at 3 too just got up at 4 awful isnt it we done a day work by the time it gets to 12 lolnever mind

this is wshy i could not work with lack of sleep and not being able t sit/stand for too long too not really good

oh well now taking dog to top of road and back bless him love to you diddle x


So know that feeling, I haven't even been able 2 get any sleep 2nite with pain. Thankfully my doctor is going to give me an injection in my shoulder on Thurs, cant wait as the pain relief I get from it is brilliant (well its always worked so far). At min I'm constantly wakened with pain when I turn over in bed. I'm so fed up with it all at min and lack of sleep makes me so cranky, don't know how u all feel.

I was also diagnosed last wk with Raynauds syndrome, I didn't even know what it was but the pain of cold in my feet and hands were so bad I was constantly in tears. I was wearing 2 prs of socks and sent hubby out for gloves. We have had such lovely weather the last few wks and I'm going 2 bed with windows open and quilt thrown off but wearing thermal socks and using hot water bottle. Doc gave me tablets Adalat Retard, has any1 else had them. The only thing is I suffer from vertigo and this has made it 100 times worse so its back to thermal socks and hot water bottle till I see doc on Thurs. Does anyone else suffer from both Raynauds and vertigo, have they found anything else that works.

Just feel with fibro there is so much other things that go with it, I was diagnosed in '96 and its been 1 thing after another (IBS, TMJ, vertigo, RA, cataracts and now Raynauds).

I had such bad wk few wks ago, spent whole wk in bed in agony and was so close 2 ending it. Must admit I made sure I didn't have access to my tablets cos just didn't trust myself. My daughter called over (I didn't let on 2 her how I felt)with my wee granddaughter. Shes almost 5 and came running in2 me, threw her arms round me and said nanny I knew u were sick and told mummy 2 come visit u. That was just the wake-up call I needed. She is just my wee princess and was never so glad 2 see any1 in all my life.

Ah well I might try and put my head down for an hr and see if I can get any sleep.

Soft hugs 2 u all xx


my day starts at 2am most mornings cant turn over at all in bed as my back and hips r sooooooooo painful

gentle hugs to u all

love trigger xxxxxx


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