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I am into my fifth week on the sick actually thought i was coming out of this recent flare up but i got a call from my employer why had i not given the regular report of my recent flare up and inviting me to a long term sick meeting. Well i did phone them when i got the sicknotes and sent them into them.

Well you guess it i have been worrying and yes i am flaring up again.Its in my arms wrists and legs. have gradually come off diazepam, ibprofen and paracetamol.The only meds taking are one tramadol every six hours and my amytriptyline. i really didn't want to increase my meds i am so annoyed

Anyway sorry for going on but i really do not want to lose my job They are gonna ask what can they do to get me back to work? Well no going up ladders no heavy carrying and no repetative putting clothing on hanging bars.

They will say there is the door

Have a good day xx

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Bless you , hope they take a more sympathetic attitude towards you . i have been having raging pain and went to see my gp last week , the one day in forever when i wasnt in agony told him how i had been and how i was feeling and he wrote on my notes feeling better . I asked him for something for break through pain and he said no now youre feeling better id rather not give you anything , sods law since then i can barely move . sorry that was a bit of an indulgent rant lol , hope you have a good day x


Yes, as Christine says above, your employer might not have the right to ring you when you are sick at all.

Try to get a rest and some good sleep tonight.

It'll look better in the morning. Hey, you might even get a little annoyed at being hassled when you are sick!

Whippet x


I feel for you and can offer some advice as I was in a similar situation a while back:

Have you contacted Access to Work? They are connected to Jobcentre Plus and help you look into returning to work, they assess your job and tell them what you need what they need to change and basically give you some support! They were great for me. I cannot walk to the bus stop so now they pay for a taxi, they assessed work and the law helps here, they had to have suitable access for the disabled, ramps, fire doors etc and they part paid for a battery chair to get me around the site! The one question they ask is "what do you need to get back to work?"

Do you have support from the DLA? If you could get this it would also help you financially - make sure you have help doing the paperwork and a letter from your doctor. Come back here for further advice as it can be difficult but help is here!

Do you have a Blue Badge? If you got help from DLA you could also get a blue badge.

Are you getting support with your pain management? It doesn't sound like you are taking the right meds if you are feeling so bad. Sorry to criticise but some people fear meds that a meant to help us If you get the right ones at the right dose thinkgs could be better for you and you may be able to keep working! When you have the right dose you can avoid taking things your body does not need. Also your doctor will supervise and ensure there is no addiction issues.

However, what do I know? I don't know your circumstances, type of work or anything else about you, but you could talk to your doctor about all of this as it sounds like you need some support. Wish I was able to do more for you and hope this didn't come over like a lecture, but I would like to think this is helpful and that you can soon get back to work without such stress!

What your work are doing to you is awful, but I found that when my work were being like that it was actually how I saw it rather than them meaning to be awful. Keep a note of things said in a diary, a copy of any emails etc and speak to your local Citizens Advice Centre if they continue to be bad as they are breaking the law if they make it impossible for you to return.

Good luck, all the best and soft hugs


YOU ARE TOO POORLY to attend any such meetings!!!!


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