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Will this ever get better? Fell and overstretched my ligaments.

I have been diagnosed with fibro for around 10 years now although I have probably had it longer.

At the begining of february I slipped on the laminate flooring, the cat had knocked some plastic coathangers onto the floor and my foot caught on them, but I moved them and then fell again. The diagnosis at the walk in centre was I had overstretched my ligaments. The NHS is getting really bad too they reckon I should just keep taking the Amitryptelline and gabapentin as normal, not to bother with anything else and not even offered a support bandage. The nurse who I saw said it normally takes a month to recover from this but I realise that it was for a patient without fibro, so I was just wondering how long before this gets better in a fibro sufferer? I am not sleeping and the pain is unbareable anyone got any suggestions?

My DLA was stopped last year - apparently I could walk. Could I reapply because I have only been out once and I was scared I might fall again? I have trouble walking to the loo and back to bed.

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It is hard to say how long anything could take to recover from. The usual rule of thumb with Fibro is just that healing from trauma can take longer and may well need more careful handling.

You need to go back to your doctor and basically say what you have said here. A referral to physio would be sensible. And additional pain and sleep medications to help temporarily could also really help you as you recuperate, so discuss this with your doctor.

If you're in agony (and remember that with Fibro, any pain from injuries will be magnified) you will tense up and this will impede healing. Not sleeping well (and by that I mean getting a reasonable amount of good, restorative sleep!) will also impede healing. Both of these concepts are widely accepted amongst the medical profession when discussing healing from trauma in general. Many healthcare professionals forget that they are of more importance than usual when dealing with anyone who has both an injury and Fibro.

Yes, you can reapply for DLA. This info may help:


Hi You may want to get some supports. I get mine from the £1 shops so now have a large selection. My calf muscle tore 3 years back and tries to repeat it each cold spell we have. Keep your injury supported, raised up when resting and use heat (I use a wheat bag inside a towel. Can use a heated flannel put in a plastic bag then wrapped) and lightly rub/massage to keep the area as relaxed as you can. Best wishes for rapid healing x


thanks for your replies, I have now got a social worker and am getting carer to come in and help me dress and stuff but I can't stand up for long as the pain is terrible both legs and my back is affected so I don't go out I can't walk more than a few yards and the district nurse is coming next week see if I can get a wheelchair. The thing is when I was first diagnosed I was told it wouldn't get any worse, but then I found out doctors lie!



I never fell or hurt myself I have had ligiment problems for months. I took anti inflammitaries not the normal pink bullets but beige ones (dont know name) It did ease it. I found doing stretching exercises and strapping up my leg helps. Its trial and error really. I was told I could have an injections of some kind but this could do more harm than good or have physio, but thats takes up to 2 months before I can get an appointment. Like others I was told it would go away in a few weeks. When I went for a ultra sound the lady said as I have flat feet this would not help and I need arch supports. Will have to persue something, yes doctors do lie.


When i nearly fell into the road i bought a wheelchair, about 8 months later i bought a much better wheelchair, due to cuts my 1st floor status prevents me from getting one on the NHS despite NEWSFLASH my mobility worsened when i moved in.

Have you been tested for Hypermobility syndrome as well? Ligaments and joints can overstretch and you would have had these symptoms since you were a child.


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