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i was just wanting to ask what kind of support i should be getting from my GP?? she recently just stopped my clonazipam which i take at nite for muscle spasms. i dont see anyone else for my fibro..i have been sent for physio for my hypermobility as my joints are unstable.. but the classes kill me and i cant walk for days after ... the exercises are to hard and they get me on a bike and my legs turn to jelly. my pain is agonising yet i dont know how to get it under control and nobody has actually explained what i have or how to manage it all i know is what i have learned from the net. i dont even know what support to ask my gp for she just hands me tramadol, gapapenton and paracetomol and sends me on my way ...

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hi sass, unfortunately there are many gp's who just don't understand fibro and all the side effects to the illness.

I would personally see a different gp within your practice and also you can ask to be refered to the pain clinic. after seeing you there you should be refered to the pain management unit, it is within the physio department but a specialist physio who knows and understand s the way fibro works. i was refered through the pain clinic by the rheumy clinic which my gp refered me but your gp can by pass this. it is your right to have a referal and your present gp cant refuse you but also you will find a lot of help and information on the link at the top of the home page 'visit our website' fibroaction

good luck , hugs poppy xx


thank u poppy.... hope yr well as can be today ... i will try as u say xx


Hi, It seems like that is most cases that gps just write prescriptions out and we ahve to get on with it.

I am due to start physio on the 18th and if it hurts me that much then i wont be going. I have hypermobility syndrome too, I only found out a couple of months ago.

I have had cognitive therpay for anxiety but thats it.

hugs, kel xxxx


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