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i do suffer bouts of depression for this condition has brought misery to our lives at times. the impact has been great for the whole family. sometimes i do

feel my illness and the lack of respect for it, is completely responsible for ruining what was a very happy family.

however i get very angry about the mistreatment by medical profession, the long road to knowledge and diagnosis, the ridicule we all have to face even with the support of our families.

why when so much more is known about the varieties of symptoms the conditions bring are we still facing and dealing with such lack to fundamental health care to manage our conditions. the worse you are, the more compromised your finances, the more you and your family have to find to correct the issues created by ibs and lack of nutrition being absorbed by our bodies, why do we have to pay for pain relief? without serious (expensive) medications being thrown at us with no effort from the medical word to secure physio and massage and alternative reliefs.

people whom struggle with obesity are given free memberships to gyms and personal training programs on nhs but we are offered nothing.

instead the worse you are the more isolated you become and the worse you feel.

everyone ignores the medical research and have there has been no change to the nhs management of this condition despite this knowledge. why when we known the numerous environmental issues affecting our condition are these withheld from our GP's and specialists in general.

why is stress and chronic prolonged fatigue not taken seriously and explained correctly for the damage to brains and digestive system.

why do the Americans recognize this but we do not.?

yes i fundamentally believe there is a conspiracy, there is no other explanation for the lack of action to the knowledge known.

yes i feel passionate about this injustice. yes i feel there is a cover up to stop any chance of compensation. we live in a Britain were workers are being worked in to the ground with little chance of redress. this government are more determined than any other to secure the support of large global corporations and not allow any challenge to their employment operations.

instead this government have recently put in place empowerment to GPs and a cash incentive of £150 for every referral to a psychiatrist. (the one thing we are all labelled by especially ME, which is a progression of Fibromyalgia which has dangerous deterioration regarding high health risks and deaths, why is has this government now decided to withdrawn legal aid for litigation (personal injury cases). no win no fee legal is a serious compromise as they are interested in mediation settlements by principle.

if the above was not true we would not have to face the hideous medical ridicule and lack of access to full range of treatments.

gulf war syndrome suffers have been denied PI compensation by clouding medical findings in UK. instead they have been pensioned off. if you read the suffering of these soldiers it is the same as severe ME.

it is widely acknowledge that multiple vaccines given at one time are dangerous yet they are still being administered without warning to individuals.

yes i agree there MAY in some cases be a genetic nervous sensitivity Gene/untreated allergy but it is the environmental issues such as

whip lash, brain damage, spine damage, chemical overload, prolong chronic stress and fatigue, repetitive strain injuries to neck or spine, which start the us on the road to severe Fibromyalia or Severe ME/CFS. The Virus issues i believe is present in the highest percentage of the population however i think it is only if our bodies immune have been warn down that it causes more serious impact.

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wow ... you really have got that off your chest.. thank you its really good to to read your points are so true .. gentle dyslexic hugs


thanks lexie, it really does help

''double dyslexic hugs back to you too'' xx thanks for fed back xx


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