I constantly read that we need to pace ourselves and I have or maybe still do believe this - to an extent - however I find great satisfaction in doing as much as I can When I can because I don't know when I might have another good day.

I lay in my bed writing this waiting for the clock to turn so I can take some more pain meds or if nessecary even a sleeping pill and although I am in pain and don't know what tomorrow might bring I have the wonderful satisfaction that I have been able to do some washing, make dinner, wash up up and supervise my grandson cut my lawns. At least those chores are done!!!!!!!!! Alleluia I was beginning to think I was not going to have another " good" day - its been so long. Anyone else feel like this???

Love Jeannie

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  • Hello Jeanie, thank you for your message. Yes there is a lot said these days about pacing and Fibro, but it really is so helpful to our condition, but we have to be in reasonable health to start a pacing programme. If we are having too severe a flare-up of our symptoms then we aren't likely to respond well until we feel a bit better. It sounds like you are managing quite well and yes it is about a sense of achievement. Some people can manage to pace well enough themselves and give themselves sufficient rest periods throughout the day etc. However some, including me to start with, needed some advice on how best to tackle the chronic exhaustion and relentless pain. I think we all tend to find Winter difficult because of the cold etc., the good weather helps many of us with sunny days and warmth. The future is uncertain to an extent, but we can try to get ourselves in the best possible position to deal with it and if we know how to cope and get back on track after a bad day or days, that's a great bonus for us. Just remember Jeanie, if you do overdo it, it tends to eventually catch up with you and you will need to rest and get yourself back on track, this is where pacing is at it's most valuable to you. Take care. :) :)

  • I refused to accept that fibro was real and pushed myself to the limit and beyond i nowhaveto use wheelchair and cannot use my armswell either. please feel well but go slow. faded

  • i do try and pace myself ,notice "try" ,but like you i go a bit mad and do lots ,

    its hard to pace yourself ,the hardest bit of fibro i think :)

  • I'm sitting reading your message and wondering if I should have a rest or go into the garden in the sun and do some gardening.................I think realisticly rest then little gardening when it cools down.. I have started pacing myself but like you say it's very difficult when you can see thejobs lining up. I'm learning to to little and often mixed with short breaks. It seems to be working at the moment. Martina

  • Thank for all your comments. Today is rest day. Will build upto doing a bit later I hope. Gentle hugs to all AND may our "good" days get plentiful!!!!!!

  • Yes, I find pacing important and have learned to be quite good at it. When I was a lot younger I used to try and do loads and then wonder why i was stressed out or getting symptoms (I wasn't diagnosed with fibro then). I didn't have the exhaustion then that I have now, so it forces me to be slower. It's tempting to make up for a bad day by packing stuff in.

  • Hallo All, my therapist (for bi-polar condition) suggested that the way to start me best was 1/2 activity, 1/2 hour rest/relaxation. Because the weather is OK I will go for a little walk soon. It seems to work for me when I can stick to it!!! I tend to get 'stuck in' to things like weeding, slaughtering dandilions like Atttila the Hun, helping my husband work in our shed making things, cleaning kitchen etc. but I am remembering to check the clock more often as I have found by not doing so I feel ghastly next day. Be good to yourself, if poss.

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