Going up oin the loft later and getting my big holdall down dont need to pack alot for 5 days in London jus very casual we are only looking about at the sights we arent going anywhere we we need to dress up well apart from Harrods i do want to go in ther but as lonfg as you are smart they let you in i need to go buy few outfits from ther (NOT LOL) just like to go in and have a browse round and people watch too just cant believe people pay the money they do for stuff and they have ther baskets piled high like we do in Asda lol or should i say their personal shoppers arms are piled high

perhaps i will get my partner to walk 5 steps behind me with a pile of clothes in his arms lol

Apparently the weather in London is meant to be really nice when we are there so i hope that is the case will be lovely may come back with a tan ha ha

love to you all diddle x

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  • Enjoy your trip. i'm going to visit my eldest girl in July in London and can't wait.

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