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Good morning all..Week number four off and feel awful been awake since 3.05 and it wasn't my hubby's snorinng its my right arm cannot get comfortable.contacted the doctors and the receptionist reply was the doctor will write you another certificate be ready this afternoon.Is it as easy as that i know i am not fit for work in any shape or form but could of done with seeing my doctor. I was asked if i had all my meds i said yes and that was it.

How was your night were you up wondering what you had done to deserve this. Now plucking up the courage to phone work i hate letting my work mates down.

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for ages i had no answers for painful arms i can no longer lift anything or carry shopping lifting my arems is a joke. sleeping is painful and other joints and muscles work hard at making sure i am always in pain too. i can no longer walk or work and fibro fog and depression oa and heart failure is dogging me all because i pushed myself too hard believing i was a hyprochonriac due to other people not beliving me be kind to you because in the end all you have is you. stop feeling guilty butterfly hugs petal


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