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Well today the 1st thing i am gonna do is dye my hair a bit blonder i can see theroots coming through so think i will do that and cover few little bit of grey ones that my partner insists are blonde !!!!!! right sure they are

then i am gonna walk my little doggy to top of the road and then my partner will pick me up at lunchtime and we will take him to the beach for half hour then we are going to opop to see my mum and dad for an hour to talk about our London trip i am getting quite excited now we are just gonna mouch around and have meals out see the sights no hurry it will lovely i am looking forward to it now as my parents said they will go at my pace and stop when i wanna stop so thats good

and that is my day so nothing too strenuous today

i hope ou all have some nice plans and the sun is shining for you ?

it is cloudy but mild here at the min but it is only 6.50 am!!!

love to you all and will try to pop back later love Diddle x

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Have nice day Diddle.... :) xxx


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