Being Positive

Had hospital today and bone healing well, so no need for operation to put plate in, thank God. Don't have to go back until 4 weeks time. By being a lot more positive and ensuring that I have plenty rest, is working well. Can't go back to work until at the very earliest beginning of July, so glad I get full wages for 3 month while off. Fingers crossed that I am able to put weight on foot properly for my graduation in July. Will have a call back form rheumatalogist receptionist when he returns on Monday to find out what other medication I can take while fracture heals, instead of my ibrufen. Everyone at hospital have been fantastic and really pulling out all stops to ensure I can remain as mobile as possible while I have this plaster on leg. Thank you all for being here and I apologise about my moaning over the last week. Have come to the conclusion that if I keep busy doing some written work on my assessors award will take my mind off the pain I am in xxx

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  • glad you feeling more positive x

  • Hi never worry about moaning this is what the site is for and we all have our turns at moaning so dont worry you let it all out we are all here for you to listen and help as much as we can love to you diddle x

  • thanks xxx

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