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back to work !!!!!!

well ladies and gents i am off to work in morning after 5 weeks post op. so what I am going to do is go shopping alone, well i am going to park uotside tesco with my beautifull disability badge ( life saver) take a look at a top for work and have a coffee. whooo hoo may buy some custard creams for my grandchildren. sounds so simple but first time been out alone in five weeks am so excited see you all later.

by the way my hubby got me a kindle and its amazing how many books there are on fibro. considering some say its all in ya mind there is a lot on it xxx

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Well done you , have lots of fun x ps . did you need a drs letter to get your badge ?


did not need letter for badge filled forms in then had appointment with nurse at centre she was aware of fybro, you have to score pionts, the fact that i had walking sticks that were issued by physio helped. she asked me questions i got my blue badge 10 days later so go for it so helpfull.


Well done Webby,

Hope you find things ok and are able towork at your pace.


Sue x x x


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