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there are various books on fibro out there but i think the most informative book i have bought is a large detailed book called "FIBROMYALGIA &CHRONIC MYOFASCIAL PAIN" a survival manual ,second addition by american ladies devin starlanyl and mary ellen copeland,what is not in that book isn't worth knowing really,it is so detailed with explaination ,all about meds,alternative treatment detailed drawings,if any of you do decide to buy a book,this is the one,leading up to this book i bought 6 yrs ago,i bought several others and they were pretty not very helpful,i have fibro &myo fascial pain but if you don't have the myofascial pain this is ok as it covers the two conditions seperately ,

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Hi Electricjaws,

There is no question! Did you mean to blog this?

happy hugs, kate :)


I have seen this and it looks excellent x x x x


Is it available on the kindle? How much is it?


Another book you may like to consider is From Fatigue to Fantastic by Dr Jacob Teitelbaum. This doctor was a sufferer and has treated many over the years.


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