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Jaw pain and the Dentist - ouch!

Well thats £160 gone on one tooth! Wish I earned that kind of money for half an hours work! Still, its a good job and the mess the old dentist had left has been tidied up and I can now eat on that side! He had left me with no tooth contact!

Had a word with the dentist [she is very nice and no pain at all!] and it seems the funny pains I have been getting in my face and jaw go with the chipping of my teeth! Apparently I grind my teeth, which also makes sense as sometimes teeth feel as if they have been bruised.

Hygeinist I saw last week [£53] gave me some good advice. I now have an electric [battery really] toothbrush - did you know you should hold them still so the bristles do the work moving them enough to cover the whole tooth? Then a gentle massage over the gum, followed by flossing or using those funny brush things to clean between the teeth - then a mouth wash!

Too much effort? No my teeth now sparkle and my gums no longer look sore! I also use mouth wash after lunch! Freshens breath and nutrilises the acid from eating! I have a mouth full of fillings and this is the most useful visit yet!

Sorry to go on about it, but this advice could have saved me a lot of money if I had had it years ago - and I might even have whiter teeth!

Got to go to bed, so good night - going to sort my teeth out first though!!

Soft hugs

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Wow you must have the colgate ring round your teeth now bless you and dazzle us with your hollywood smile :)

like you say if you had gotten the right advice years ago all this would not have been nesecary (sorry that spelt wrong minfd gone blank lol !!!)

good luck with your new white pearly whites and we will need sunglasses around you love diddle x


Hi sarah-jane.

Omg i am so glad i dont have to pay for my dentist treatment. Its so expensive.

I use the them things that go inbetween your teeth and i have to clean mine three times aday as i hvae a dry mouth. I try to floss but i just cant do it properly and on a bad day my hands and arm aches.

My teeth are squeaky cleand lol.

HUgs kel xx


Thanks for the heads-up Sarah-Jane, I think the battery toothbrush will be the best addition to my family this year, as i'm finding it more and more difficult to be thorough as raising my arms gives me terrible neck pain,"due to cervical spondylitis". Making it difficult to hold my arms up for any length of time, So THANKYOU again this could make a vast difference, and because i'm sooo cloudy wouldn't have thought of it myself. Mels.x


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