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Letting off steam

Today, for the third time, I had to telephone the Department who deals with Pension Credit. This was because I had my contributions based ESA stopped and Citizens Advice advised that my husband applied for this benefit. After gathering all of the information they required, I painstakingly numbered each statement and matched that number to a sheet listing the enclosures. It was almost like being back at work. Took me all morning but I actually enjoyed doing it......and thought it would be only a one off task.

As I said, I have now had 3 x letters from them asking for the same information. Each time I telephone, I am told to re-send the information as they "have to make sure". The real issue is that they are totally inept and are not fit to carry out the job they are employed to do.

My main gripe is that the letters, which are on behalf of the Government and are official are full of bad grammar and spelling mistakes a 7 year old should not be making. Talk about Fibro Fog - they must all have it !

Today, I re-sent the information and then circled and corrected all of the errors in the letters they had sent to me and asked that if they need to contact me again, perhaps they would have the courtesy to write in the Queens English and use correct spelling and grammar.

Next post I received all the previous statements etc., back in an envelope with no covering letter at all but a pre-paid letter back to them - words fail !!!

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Sorry, but that did make me smile ! I ALWAYS notice spelling and grammar mistakes in official letters and it's something I've been tempted to do myself !

You'd think they'd at least have spell checkers !

My experience of dealing with any of these agencies has been similar to yours and I sometimes despair of them . They either don't know how to read or one department doesn't have any contact with another .

Last time I phoned the DWP to report my change of address I had a 30 minute telephone conversation that was akin to the Spanish Inquisition ! NOTHING except my address and my GP had changed but they went through the whole list of questions regardless !

Good luck sorting things and gentle hugs.



It made me smile too Barbykins, I dont think they are used to dealing with anyone with half a brain cell!!. Most of the letters that are sent out are computer generated with just the personal details changed so yes you would think someone would proofread the details before it is saved!!.

I sent all my pension details as requested by recorded mail a few weeks ago and had a conversation with a lovely man who promised to write me a letter confirming the information he had told me cos I really had a problem taking it all in. I knew he had the paperwork and I needed it back as the original copies needed to go somewhere else but each time I rang them I got through to someone else who said they couldnt find it. Why could they not just put me through to this person who had given me his name which would have saved both them and me a whole lot of hassle. It wasn't until I asked whether I should put in a complaint that I eventually got someone to speak to him and he sent me the details back by return of post. Totally unprofessional, I would never have to away with that in any of my previous jobs, but then sometimes I think I am a bit to perdantic at getting things correct.

"Keep calm and carry on" Barbykins, hopefully you will get there in the end!! xx


hi barbykins when ever i send letters etc to benefit office etc i always pay for recorded delivery as they have to sign for it and for a little bitmore you can get a tracking no to see where it is

At least this way you can prove they have it because the persons name will be there for you to see and what time they recieved the letter.


Barbykins, I totally agree about the spelling mistakes, drives me nuts. If you fancy a giggle one day sign onto Twitter and see how our "celebs" spell too, hilarious. lol


I am fed up with the appalling spelling and grammatical mistakes you get in 'official' letters. And the way no-one at the other end of the phone ever seems to have a clue what you're talking about. I phoned the benefits office to say that I wasn't going to my assessment tomorrow and wanted a home visit. My GP has faxed them a letter but I am willing to bet that I get a letter saying that I didn't attend or a phone call giving a date when I am away in Scotland even though I put this on the form and told 'Gary from Newcastle'!!!

My friend who isn't slow at coming forward had a go at the probate office because of the appalling and incomprehensible letter that she got from them where her recently dead father was referred to as 'she' and her brother's name spelt wrongly.

She kicked up - especially as the family had to cough up £107. She was given £60 back and an apology, but this letter was just as bad!!


Thanks for all of your comments and I'm so glad that I am not a lone "nit-picker". A friend has suggested that the next time I receive a letter from a Government Department, that I photocopy it twice, correct the copies and send 1 copy by recorded delivery to 10 Downing Street asking why the hell imbeciles are being employed to make life changing decisions with other peoples futures and the second copy being sent to the Sun Newspaper highlighting what is going on in Government.

Do you know what, I may actually make a project out of this, it will give me an interest and perhaps I will lose the fear of receiving brown envelopes if everyone brings another chuckle.


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