Throbbing Big Toe !!!!

Agggghhh my left foot big toe was so painful whilst in bed last night, I had a bunion removed from the site iin Nov 2011 and have just recently discharged by my consultant, his parting words to me were " If the screw come to the surface, don't hesitate to ring me "

The way my toe was giving me gip I really thought that was happening, but this morning the skin is smooth and no sign of screws, still painful, but then whats not!!!!

Chilling now before a snooze!!!

Hugs, Sue

x x x x x x

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  • omg i didnt know they put screws in eeewwww lol ,

    well i hope your big toe is alright today xxx

  • Sounds a bit grusome Sue, you havn't got arthritis in it now have you as a result of the op? I had an xray some time ago for a problem with my foot and that showed up arthritis in the big toe joint which gets painful sometimes when I am in bed. Especially if it rubs on the other foot. Have it checked out if it doesn't get better as it may be something to do with the op.

    Hope you are okay otherwise, take care, love angela xx

  • OUch, I guess it could be Angela to go with all of the other aches and pains!


    Sue xxxx

  • Ouch I do hope you take it easy and your toe eases abit for you xxx

  • THanks Penny, it sucks but hey ho!


  • my big toe often hurts xx

  • loL XXXX

  • Hi I have RA and had nodules removed from my foot in january including cutting tendons due to clawing with my toes. it is still painfull and keeps swelling I have had my big toe pinned and am sure I can feel the pins. Also suffer from fibro. My feet are numb and still swollen. Try soaking your foot in warm water with a few drops of tea tree oil. It helps for a little while Take care xx


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